Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three day Mini Soul Mates

Here is Mini Soul Mates after its three day rotation.

I am really enjoying watching this one grow and am very pleased with its 3 day progress.

On another front I am still slowly collecting floss for kitting my new starts and have gotten more than half the floss for Tree Of Life and am making progress on kitting  QS Christmas Venice Night and will now be starting on collecting the floss for Glamour. Feeling very spoiled and luxurious here.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lovely Surprise

As many of you may know some of the Irina Garmashova charts are being retired on the 25th. I had just added Glamour back to my wish list this week, and even shown the finished piece to a friend of mine at work. When I saw that Glamour was one of the charts to be retired I was a little grieved since it is the last of my "I love them so much I must stitch that" charts on my list.

Can you imagine my delight and surprise when I woke up in the middle of the night with sinus allergies, all sneezy and icky and decided to check my e-mail to pass the time, only to find Glamour had been gifted to me?

Here is the beauty if you aren't familiar with this marvelous chart.

Available here

I can't thank Liz enough for sending me this. Really. Not only do I love the chart for itself I feel thrilled and blessed to have, in my hot little hands, every single chart that I have loved above all others.

And yes, I will start all three that I have been given that I haven't started yet, just as soon as I can get them all kitted up. I've never been the recipient of so much kindness and it truly humbles me how many generous thoughtful people there are in my life.

Alas, I was unable to stitch at all Thursday evening, and only a very little last night, due to a mild flare-up and some pain. I will post what little progress was made on I am Half Sick of Shadows just as soon as I remember to take a pic. Until then, Happy Stitching Weekend to everyone.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 Day Update and another Page Finish

I nearly forgot that I'd said I'd post a pic after each 3 day rotation for the next month or so! Here is Mini Soul Mates after being stitched from Sunday through Tuesday.

Again, it doesn't look like all that much but I am very pleased with the progress.

And here is the page finish of I am Half Sick of Shadows! It has today and tomorrow left in its rotation but since I was posting anyway I couldn't resist. I just snapped a quick pic a few minutes ago to get her on here before I go to work.

You will have to click on her for a better look I think. Happy stitching everyone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A bit of change in the update pics

Happy Father's Day! I miss you Daddy. Needle Maiden before: And After:
This is with about 600 or 700 more stitches, but being all black there isn't much change to see.

Blogger has apparently changed or updated or something so I'm hoping this post will update on the Blog properly. Mini Soul Mates saw some work yesterday evening (It was wild card day) while I was watching television so I've taken a new photo to be more accurate. Here it is before its three day rotation. I can't think there will be much to see in so short a time but the suggestion is a good one and I will try to remember to do it this way for a month or so and see how it goes.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Basilisk Page Finish!

I just had to jump on here and share! I've finished the third page of my Basilisk. Actually page 21 as I started from the right but the third I've finished and I want to share it.

Basilisk is by far the most confetti heavy pattern I have ever worked and there are times when I feel I'm making no progress at all, but then it all come together in this wonderful detail and makes it worthwhile.

I was feeling better from the dental stuff when Basilisk came into its 3 day rotation but almost immediately began with a cold or virus or something so even though I stayed home sick from work Friday I didn't get as much stitching done on it as I would have liked because it is hard to do when you feel achy and your head is all stuffed up and blurring your vision.

Still, I am thrilled to have finished the third page after all this time and I really credit it to the 3 day stitching rotation my husband helped me work out. Before if I couldn't stitch much during a project's scheduled week it just didn't see much progress and would be ages before it's turn came round again. Now they come around more quickly so if some time was missed stitching on them they get another shot more quickly, plus, missed stitching time gets spread out over different projects. I had doubts at first but this really seems to be working for me.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little Progress

Well, I lost my rotation for a day or two but now I am back to it.
I just couldn't find the floss for Phuan and frankly, I haven't felt like looking for it. Since I keep floss and project together it is a mystery to me.
At first, feeling out of it from the dentist and such, I just worked on Needle Maiden since it was nothing but black and I figured I wouldn't make mistakes with that. I reached the end of the first row of 10 stitches high, as seen here.

Doesn't look too impressive but I'm happy with it. Maybe I should make some of those little progress bars to put on here so the progress is more obvious.

I didn't feel like anything fancy for my Wild Card Saturday and decided to bring out Mini Soul Mates since that is the next piece for my 3 day rotation. I got a lot done and I'm very pleased with the progress. I am posting now since I will be playing catch up at work all week after being off for 2 days and doubt I will have much stitching time. Here is the progress so far this weekend.

I have been daydreaming about starting Marchetti's Tree of Life, which I am kitting up about 3 strands of floss at a time. I plan to make a start on it in Sept. as a Birthday present to myself. I am also planning to finish kiting up QS Christmas Venice Nights, a long time favorite that is calling to me rather loudly. Soon my rotation will be nothing but HAED's and RAK's!