Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Minimal Stitching

But at least it is something!
Here is an update on All Dog's Go To Heaven from Heaven and Earth Designs.

Yep, more blue. Not the most exciting thing to look at, but hey, my blue is growing.

Warning: See that quilting pen I was  gridding with? One of my kits I used that on last year has suddenly had those lines re-appear! I will never use it again. You can see that piece before it was washed and the lines gone, on the Finishes tab for 2013. I'm going to wash it again in a few minutes and hope for the best. I was really upset about this since I've used it before with no problems.

And second up is progress on Mini Cheshire Cat. It is also a Heaven and Earth design. It was RAK'd to me over a year ago and I am enjoying the black and white so much, even though you can't tell a thing yet since I haven't gotten very far. I remember my absolute delight when I put down QS Dragon Soul one day and realized I had stitched a thumb. I couldn't even tell until I was done stitching for the day and was seeing it from a distance.
It doesn't look like much progress, but then I've had very little time for stitching so I'm pretty pleased.

I am finally beginning to get caught up on my blog reading. It is so much fun reading about what others are doing and really inspiring to see all the pics. There are a number of blogs I visit that aren't listed on the sidebar yet and I really need to take the time to get them on there. Hopefully that will be soon.

I am hoping to get some quality stitching time in tonight. I have an actual night off! So I am going to get some housework done and then we will see.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stitching And A Movie: Devils' Knot

I have watched this and 2 documentaries. I'll let you know about the documentaries another time.
I finished my mini quilt and put some time into All dogs go to heaven.

Devils' Knot:

Stitchability *****

That isn't necessarily a good thing.
I won't rehash the details of the crime, there is plenty of information available out there. I was really looking forward to seeing this but:
This was a boring movie, so a high stitchability rate. It would seem impossible to make a boring movie about the crime of murdering 3 small boys, a satanic cult scare and 3 teenage boys being accused of the crime, but somehow it was done
This happened just across the river in West Memphis, so there has always been a lot of interest in this crime locally. The scenery was really good in the movie, in fact the whole movie was beautiful.
Reese Witherspoon did a great job as the mother of one of the murdered children. She even managed to nail the accent. Colin Firth was believable as well, as an investigator working pro-bono for the West Memphis Three, as the accused boys became known.
 Overall, no new ground is covered here. The movie totally failed to capture the drama, the intensity or the atmosphere of the time and events. James Hamrick was never able to quite capture the quiet intensity of the real life Damien Echols.
I can't recommend it unless you are interested in the case and/or have some time to stitch and just want something to listen to as you stitch.
All Dogs Go To Heaven Before:
And after:

I've done a few more stitches on it since then.

My picture of the Irish Chain cross stitch won't load for some reason. I'll try again later or take another picture.

Until then, Happy Stitching!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stitching and a Movie: Abondoned Mine

Yep, I actually managed to squeeze it in.
I chose a movie on Netflix and sat down with Mini Cheshire Cat.
I'd actually kitted it up over a year ago and started it with only a few stitches on April 3. Of 2013! I never got back to it and decided it needed some love.
I'm glad I picked a black and white project. It sort of went with the movie.
I'm rating the movie by the stitchability factor.

 Abandoned Mine.

 A bunch of teens/young adults get together for Halloween and decide to spend Halloween night at an abandoned mine that is supposed to be haunted.
What could possibly go wrong?
Don't teenagers watch horror movies? You'd think they would know better!
This movie wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either.
On the down side it was a little too dark in places to see the action. Otherwise it had all of the usual  horror movie ingredients, but without nudity or gratuitous sex scenes. So thumbs up for being able to watch it with your family. There was a little suspense and one gross scene. The Indian character provides some mild comic relief, though sometimes you just feel like he is being harassed. The ending wasn't exactly surprising but it wasn't one of those that leave you asking "Did I miss something?" either, which seems to be a trend lately.

Stitchability factor is ***1/2. If not for the dark scenes and having to look up occasionally it would be higher.
Here is the progress on Mini Cheshire Cat.

Until next time Happy Stitching!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

And Then There Was Stitching!

Lately I've felt as though I will never have time to stitch. When I do it feels like I'm sneaking it in around all the other busy stuff going on.
I decided to work on some small stuff in only one or two colors, thinking I could at least feel as if I've accomplished something.
I began with a cross pattern I'd down loaded from last year. It was only 99 cents. One color and sort of pretty. I picked up my fabric and started stitching. Then I realized that the darn thing wasn't symmetrical. I put it down. I picked it up again two weeks later but it was still getting on my nerves, so I put it down again.
Here is a picture of what I did manage.
This would be the bottom part of the cross. I will pick it back up at some point but the asymmetry jangles my nerves.

So, I picked out a bit of fabric and pulled out some spare floss and started one of the cross stitch quilts from a little book I've had for years. They would look really cute in my sewing corner. After a bit of time, 5 minutes here and there, it is coming along great. I chose the Irish Chain. I hadn't intended to use Christmas colors, it just worked out that way and I love it. I may have to break down and make an actual quilt like this.

 My lack of stitching and crafting time has really been getting on my nerves so I decided that each week I would treat myself to sitting down with a movie and stitching. I'm going to try to make that a feature on the blog as well. I'll share whatever I'm stitching and let you know what movie I watched. Be warned that I love horror movies. My DH Jason will also have a pick at movies so don't be surprised if there are zombies in my future.

I made most of the rest of my 9 patch blocks but forgot to take a picture. I also forgot that I'd told someone I would send them the magazine with the chart for the Blue and White Sampler . I'll have to pick up an envelope and try to squeeze up enough time to actually get to the post office. I hate that guilty feeling when I say I'll do something and forget, and I hate disappointing someone to.

The other thing I've done that made me super happy was buying a little stand for some of my sewing supplies. I stuck it in the closet by my sewing area. It looks fab and I love it.

We went back today, my only day off, to buy another but Home Depot was sold out. Boo. They were really reasonable so I'll check back if I don't forget.
Oh, and see that tea cup pin cushion? That was the other project I did this month. It was so fast and easy. I love it. I needed a bigger one for when I'm piecing.
Closer up.

Isn't it sweet?
It is amazing what you can fit into 5, 10 or 15 minutes when you set your mind to it.
One last thing. A quick trip by Goodwill to look for a sewing machine table for Moma Linda (still no luck) and I picked up this glass vase. I've been aching to start a terrarium. I need to collect other plants for it but here it is so far.
Yeah, I'm afraid that floppy one is not going to make it, and one of the plants doesn't show up in this picture, but you get the idea. The picture doesn't show it but the vase is tapered at the top. Sigh, I'll take a better picture when I remember.

Happy stitching until next time everyone.