Monday, April 30, 2012

Having to Restart

Is not fun, but at least it is only half a page of stitching.
I'm referring to Mini-Soul Mates, shown below. I had put a few more stitches in when I realized that I had not correctly measured the width of the fabric. I generally allow 3 inches all the way around for framing, but only allowed 3 inches total but thought I added the entire 6 inches. Sigh. There was plenty of room top and bottom but not enough side to side.

I re-started yesterday and got about 200 stitches in. I could have left a row off but I would never have been content with that and would have thought about it every time I worked on it. Here is a reminder of what it will look like when finished.
Have a great week.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

To continue with the last post

Since blogger is acting a little funny it is easier to do a new post than to continue with the other.
Here is a project that my husband did while I was off.

Yesterday I wanted to pad my computer chair since I'm not able to do a lot of moving around right now. I didn't think to take a before pic but I wish I had, the upholstery was torn and the plywood base of the chair was exposed and flaking.  DH cut a new chair seat using the old one as a template. We used left over MDF, left over quilt batting, and left over corduroy fabric as a cover and now I have a comfy new chair seat and we didn't have to spend a penny.

I am also taking part in the HAEDless SAL working on A Bouquet for Cheryl. I don't know how much more, if any, I will get done this week but here is my update so far. It is nearly half done. The bright blue floss is so cheerful.

Next time I will be examining my rotation to see if I need to make any changes to it.

A Variety of Projects

First up is a Photo of Phuan from last years HAED freebie SAL. I haven't worked on it for awhile and it was fun to put a few stitches in during my flare-up when I couldn't get much done.

I have so much on the go right now that I decided not to participate in this years Freebie SAL but there are some great patterns in it and I have been enjoying watching everyone's projects coming along.

Since this week was a wild card stitching week I caved and worked on Needle Maiden, the lovely RAK I posted about before. Here is my progress so far at 2000 stitches.


A new start is always exciting! I really wanted to start The Tree of Life, but I don't have a piece of fabric large enough, and, like QS Christmas Venice Nights, I don't have the floss to kit it up. So I will have to save up to get those projects going, but I have so many lovely things to work on I can hardly believe it. I feel a little greedy for wanting to start those two as well. The stitching addiction!                                                   

Friday, April 20, 2012

Surprises are the Best Fun

And can really lift your day.

This lovely chart was a gift from Liz aka Radidragon over on the HAED bulletin board.

Isn't it the loveliest thing?

It is available here

Now I have to tell you that I don't go around requesting RAK's, even though it must seem like it since I've posted about them before. On the other hand I'm certainly not going to pass one up! It is simply a matter of how really warm and wonderful the people on the HAED bulletin boards are.

The people over there are great, and great enablers, and it is just wonderful to be a part of a group of such fun, caring people.

I will do a better update when I have more time. Until then check out the other great stitchy blogs listed on the side bar (and trust me, no, this is not all of the ones I keep track of, I just haven't gotten them all up there yet, same for sewing). Hope you have a wonderful week-end.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A quick morning post

Just because I am excited about something and want to share!
As I was sitting half asleep and checking my E-mail earlier this morning I found this lovely surprise in my mail. She reminds me of A Girl with a Pearl Earring, but has her own special magic.

A special way to start the day.
Needle Maiden has been number 1 on my wishlist (I only keep one Must Have on the list) for only a few weeks, but she has been on my wishlist since she came out.
A big thank you to Theresa, aka PuppyStitcher for sending her my way.
Needle Maiden is a Dahlig design and is available from Heaven and Earth Designs here.
Now, 26 skeins of black will be needed. That part is a bit scarey. I'm looking forward to her though. She needs starting.
Never mind about not having new starts. lol. My rotation is loose this year and there has been more than one. Besides, as long as I'm working on something I love stitching it is all good. She will be stitched in honor of two special dogs in my life, since that is part of what sent her my way. Shadow, we will miss you always, and Gizmo (otherwise known as He Who Must Be Obeyed), because they have added so much to my life.

I know she is a little dark but I love this piece. Now I don't know what vision the artist had in mind and I've seen at least two discussions about the meaning of this lady but I leave that to you to decide, a feminist statement, a darker meaning, just an engrossing piece of art?

Monday, April 9, 2012

After Easter Basilisk update

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Ours was not exciting but a holiday is always nice.

Last week was Basilisk week in my rotation. Here are some update pictures. I hit one patch of truly extreme confetti but it didn't last long, and it looks so pretty once you get through it.

This week is a Wild Card Stitching week, meaning I can work on whatever I want but I'm having a flare-up that began yesterday so I'm not sure what, if anything, I'll get done this week.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mini-Soul Mates

I haven't had a lot of stitchy time lately.
I've done a bit of work on Mini-Soul Mates this past week or so. Here it is at about 2600 stitches.

Nothing too exciting to see yet, and I am a little bored with various shades of gray. Not much confetti yet either but I am enjoying stitching this. So much so that I may break my rotation and continue on with it.

It was a wild card week in my rotation so I took part in the HAEDless Stich-a-long over on the HAED bulletin board and got a few stitches in on Chery's bouquet. Here is the progress.

In sewing stuff, I muslined Colette's Sorbetto last weekend. The pattern is available here if you are interested.
It almost fit well.  It feels wonderful but I am going to re-muslin after I lower the bust dart and add about an inch of ease. There were those little ripples across the upper bust and the ease may not be needed after lowering the dart but I'll have to see. I've never yet been able to find a simple tank or camisole pattern that fit properly (for woven's) and this is very close to perfect for me. I will also add to the length because I love the length it is before hemming so I'll add extra to hem with to keep the length the same. No telling when I'll get around to that but as warm as it is here I will probably want to do it sooner rather than later.