Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Best Laid Stitching Plans

After all that debate with myself about what would be my big new start this yar, and all that planning how I would choose which chart, in my stash, it would be....

I got RAK'd this:

Which nicely and firmly decided my next project.
White Dragon. Art work by Kayomi Harai and available as a chart at Heaven and Earth Designs. Here is the link.

This one will be stitched on 25 ct. Lugana, 2 over 1, except the black which will be 3 over one. This a a chart I love, but wouldnt' buy for myself because I was intimidated by it, by the colors etc. I'm so glad Nikki sent it to me though, because the second I got it I knew I was going to stitch it.

In other stitchy stuff I actually finished the 3rd row of my haed sal and a bit more, but then had to frog the bit more. Notice last time, when I'd started adding the second page:

And now, with the second page included and the third row finished:

Then there is this. I followed a tutorial I'd seen a link to on facebook and made this little lap frame. I used my q-snap clips for the sides:

The top photo is a little blurry but you get the idea of a lap stand. The second pic shows it in use, and some of the tiny bit of progress that was made on Mini Cheshire Cat.
These are the directions I used for making it.

It was fun and quick and pretty cheap. As long as you have something on hand to cut the pipe with you can make this for less than 10 dollars!

Thus inspired I bought 4 more of the corner pieces and used the other pipe to make exactly the right sized frame for my coming project.

Total cost less than 3 dollars, but I will be buying a set of clamps soon for it, to go with the ones I have which will make it about 6 to 6 and a half dollars. Totally awesome. I am in love with everything but the corners, which if you look closely do bump out. I've found I can live with that with the savings I get from making them myself. Disclaimer, husband did the cutting part, as I wasn't quite strong enough to make the ratcheting clamp cutter work without hurting my hands.

So, enough. Feeling awefully crafty for someone who is getting so little done lately!

Happy stitching everyone, hope you have a fun Holiday Weekend if you are in the US.