Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bees! Or the lack thereof!

Well, I haven't gotten round to taking a pic of the progress on Basilisk, I have been otherwise occupied.  Finally, three years after the bees moved into our home, they are gone!  Happy Dance!  DH got a few pics while the work was going on and I thought I'd post a few to show everyone how it is going.  These two are actually honey combs.
 That is honeycomb on the plastic on the floor as well.

It is a huge job, as is rushing around to get things covered before the rain storms that are predicted come in tonight.
Advice, if you ever notice Bee's occupying your home take care of them as soon as you can.
For us we had to wait until we could save up and then just got a lucky break or they would still be there.  Months of work ahead as well, and hopefully I'll remember to update everyone as we go along.

Can you believe this used to be my sewing room?

Sunday, February 19, 2012


It is Basilisk week in my rotation beginning today.  I really love working on this piece.  Here it is now, before I begin stitching for the week.

I never know at the start of the week if I will get a lot of stitchy time or only a little but I'm always hopeful.
Here is what it should look like when it is finished.
As you can see I have quite a ways to go on this one.

There is also quite a lot going on with setting up a new sewing space and getting things organized there so hopefully there will be a post about that in the near future.  There seem to be a lot of projects coming up and nothing is more fun than anticipating new projects!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


About once a year, if I'm lucky, I get to go on a floss buying spree that in theory will kit up all my projects for the year.  Today was that day!  I thought I'd share of photo of all the yummy colors.  Well, most of the yummy colors.  I'd already put some away before I remembered I had a blog now and that it might be fun to share.

DH went along for the fun and we also picked out some fabric for two new skirts.  I'll post those later as right now one is in the wash and the other in the dryer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Angel's when you least expect them

I opened my e-mail this morning to a very special gift.
I received this pattern from Christy.  Isn't it lovely?  It has been on my HAED wish list for over a year.
What makes this even more special is that I couldn't remember Christy's real name, only her board name.  In other words, Christy isn't a personal friend in real life.  She is one of so many really nice people who knew from the HAED boards that I'd had a rough time lately and just decided to do something nice for me.  Just because.  I am definitely looking for ways to pass this forward. It is the second time someone has blessed me this way, and both came at just a moment when I was letting myself get down. A great reminder that we need to look outside ourselves and try to touch others.
Now I can't wait to kit this beauty up and make a new start.

QS Christmas Venice Night:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recent stitching

Here is one of the things I've been working on recently.
A Bouquet For Cheryl.  It is a free pattern offered here.
I chose a bright blue since the stitcher this was designed to memorialize was said to love bright colors.
This is a scan since, again, no camera this past month or so.
I worked on it for the new HAED HAEDLESS SAL.

I've also been working on Basilisk.  A HAED chart of Kinuko Craft's that was RAK'd (Random act of kindness) to me in the fall.  I was so excited I dropped everything else and just worked on this for awhile!
Who wouldn't?

This is an older picture from September, from just after I finished the first page of stitching.  I will update with a new one when I can.  Also, I just can't find the pic of where I finished page 2!
Anyway, the pattern is available here .  I love how rich this one looks stitching up.

And finally, I have just pulled out I am half sick of shadows.  A pattern I re-started last summer/fall but stopped working on in favor of other projects.  The pattern is from Golden Kite Cross Stitch. I had not finished the first page when I put it away.

Now that I find I prefer starting from the upper right instead of the upper left (long story) I will probably stitch across the upper row and work from right to left after I finish this page.

New Beginnings

My first blog post.  I said I wouldn't start a blog until I had a new camera.  Well, mine finally died a month or so ago and I am about to pick out a new one so here goes.

This blog is about stitching and about sewing on a budget.  Sometimes I may throw in whatever other things I am working on so maybe it is just about projects.

Thanks (I think) to the sewing ladies and who have encouraged me to begin blogging.  I hope we all enjoy the experience.