Thursday, October 31, 2013

How Many Shades of Grey? And Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I've pulled out my lovely Mini Soul Mates now that I can stitch again. And I haven't counted how many shades of grey are in it, but there are quite a few.
Here is what it looked like the last time you saw it:

And here is a picture of it since I've been working on it  the past week or so.

I seriously love this chart.

I also have put some stitches in on my Live Love Laugh kit.

This is such a pretty little kit, it just makes me smile. Reason enough to work it!

I've been thinking of a really big project, which is crazy for someone who stitches as slowly as I do, but all the same. I've long held a secret desire to stitch The Sistine Chapel ceiling. There are 3 charts for it that I know of and I've been comparing the HAED version to the Joanna Roberts version. There is a group on Face Book devoted strictly to those stitching the Sistine Chapel so I've been avidly watching their progress. I've yet to come across anyone stitching the Artecy version, so if you know of anyone stitching it let me know.

Of course I've also wanted to stitch at least 2 other charts, both bigger than this, so I could still change my mind.
Meanwhile I'm trying to focus myself on just the charts I already have. They are all much loved and there has been a battle of the charts going on in my efforts to decide which I love the most, and so, which should be stitched on first! Still working on that, plus, with all the back issues of Just Cross Stitch there are a number of patterns I'd love to work. So many lovely things and not a tenth enough time to stitch them all.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Monday, October 21, 2013

Decisions, Surprises

I haven't had a lot to blog about in that I hurt my neck on my experimental project and couldn't stitch for a bit. I do have a bit to show on that from before I was hurt, but I haven't taken photo's yet. I also got a little done on my Live Love Laugh and haven't taken pics of that yet either.

I am actually sharing a great surprise I got, an RAK from Dana Dragonheart. Don't you just love that name? It was a real surprise on Friday, when I also was working my first day of having changed shifts at work and it just made the whole day feel sort of special. I feel so blessed and thankful.

You see, being a slow stitcher I decided that one of my favorite charts might actually get stitched if I did it as a mini. Day Night was released as a mini back in July of this year and I put it on my wishlist.

I know Heaven and Earth completely re chart when they make a mini so today I am comparing the mock-ups.
Here is the mock up of the original full sized chart at 400 X 563 stitches.
And here is the Mini mock up at 237 X 334:

Quite a big color difference in them! Both are lovely and they use many of the same colors. I'm still comparing floss lists etc. but thought I'd share just to show the differences in a Full sized and a mini. I've seen lots of questions over the months and thought it might be helpful to those wanting to compare. Both are available at Heaven and Earth Designs.
I'll be back soon with a proper stitching update.

Until then Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 4, 2013

After The Frogging

And a new start.

I thought I'd show you my Friday SK SAL Spider Queen after the frogging last Friday and my new stitches today. I've had some pain and doubt I'll be stitching on it again today so it has gone away until next Friday.

The stitching is a bit smoother and I really didn't want to stop but common sense with the amount of pain I was experiencing finally won out. I am a slow stitcher to begin with and working on the frame used to be faster for me but now it is slower. A great deal slower. Hopefully I'll pick up speed as I get used to stitching on a frame and parking again. The half crosses are ok but I am wondering if I shouldn't have gone ahead with the 3 over 1 instead of the 2 over. As you can see I am still missing some colors so there are blank spots.

To celebrate paying off a debt I treated myself by starting this.

It is a sweet little kit and I love the cheerful colors. Also love how quickly the lettering stitches up.

I also put a few stitches into my blue and white sampler, but not a lot and I didn't take a picture. Will have to catch that next time.
It has been another busy week but I'm satisfied I fit some stitching time in when I could.

Until next time
Happy Stitching