Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sooooo Sloooow Stitching

I had to take a picture yesterday to update my progress this month for my little stitching group. Let me explain. I am lucky enough to be part of a small private stitching group of friends. We decided to do a stitch along each month this year. A no pressure friendly stitch along.
For instance, January was weather and season's. I didn't have anything that exactly matched. I stitched a bit on Basilisk, but hardly enough to notice.
Mostly because I took part in the new start sal and started Castle, by Teresa Wentzler. I got only a tiny bit done on it. Still on limited stitching time with my hands and arms. I'll post a picture of that when I have more to show. now it is just an inch or so of grayish purple wall.

February's Theme was The one that you are closest to finishing. So I worked on Celtic Noel again. I started a little early, at the end of January and was able to get a bit extra in.

Here is the picture I took while moving the Qsnap.

So very nice progress for a change. It looks like more because, of course, it isn't a full coverage piece.  I am really looking forward to finishing the stitching on this and getting on with the beading.
When I began this I had planned about 4 months for it. Then, when I couldn't stitch, she just sat there and waited for me. I do love this piece. It is feeling really good to see progress and I'd be tempted to continue on with her but March is Confetti month and I have several projects that will fit with that theme.

I am taking part in the stitch from stash 2017 on Facebook and so far haven't spent anything. I will be using my 123Stitch gift money soon for some threads I need. Luckily that doesn't count since I've  had it since before the year began.

Happy stitching everyone!


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She's looking lovely.

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