Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recent stitching

Here is one of the things I've been working on recently.
A Bouquet For Cheryl.  It is a free pattern offered here.
I chose a bright blue since the stitcher this was designed to memorialize was said to love bright colors.
This is a scan since, again, no camera this past month or so.
I worked on it for the new HAED HAEDLESS SAL.

I've also been working on Basilisk.  A HAED chart of Kinuko Craft's that was RAK'd (Random act of kindness) to me in the fall.  I was so excited I dropped everything else and just worked on this for awhile!
Who wouldn't?

This is an older picture from September, from just after I finished the first page of stitching.  I will update with a new one when I can.  Also, I just can't find the pic of where I finished page 2!
Anyway, the pattern is available here .  I love how rich this one looks stitching up.

And finally, I have just pulled out I am half sick of shadows.  A pattern I re-started last summer/fall but stopped working on in favor of other projects.  The pattern is from Golden Kite Cross Stitch. I had not finished the first page when I put it away.

Now that I find I prefer starting from the upper right instead of the upper left (long story) I will probably stitch across the upper row and work from right to left after I finish this page.

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