Sunday, May 13, 2012

Testing Out a new Rotation

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there. Thank you for all the hard work you do and love you give.

Today I am one week in on testing out a new rotation and I haven't decided yet if I like it or not. It goes like this: Three days on one project (Sun. through Tues.), the three days on the next in line (Wed. through Friday), then Saturday as a free day for anything.
It is strange after doing the one project a week rotation since Jan. with a Wild Card every other week. Obviously I don't see the same amount of progress but I also don't have time to get bored (one project was nothing but black this time). I decided to choose one project as this goes along that will be worked on every other 3 days, so it would go something like project 1, then 2, Sat. project 1, then 3, Sat. I plan to start that at the end of this first round if I stay with this type of rotation.

I used DH as a random number generator, just listed and numbered the projects in rotation and yelled out, pick a number between 1 and 6 (or it may have been 7, I can't remember just now). He picked 3 so the project that would see the most time in this kind of rotation is Mini Soul Mates.

Anywho, this week's progress is below.

First up is Basilisk with the end of the pheasant and a bit of flowers beginning to show:

Wed. through Friday was Needle Maiden with lots of black going across. I think she is a little over 3000 stitches now.

And another page and bit of black to go, then I will stitch back across, which is another 2-3 pages of black before I hit any color again! Oh well, I'm still enjoying it. A solid color is not exciting but it stitches up worlds faster than confetti.

Assuming I get any stitching done with the (literal) pain in my neck that kicked up again quite severely last night I will be working on Mini Soul Mates, which of course, I'm at the upper right hand side and that is solid black across, but only a page or so. Sigh. lol.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your new rotation. I like this one, and maybe steal your idea and see if this works for me - dividing up the week. I do try to stitch an hour each day so it may work.

I have to agree, sometimes blocks of big color get boring, but I swear if they weren't there, I would never feel as if I was making any progress

Thanks for Sharing

Anonymous said...

Karen, I really like this idea for a rotation. Like Melinda said above, I may have to try it for myself.

Your progress on NeedleMaiden is great. I do hope your neck pain doesn't keep you from your stitching for too long.