Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 Day Update and another Page Finish

I nearly forgot that I'd said I'd post a pic after each 3 day rotation for the next month or so! Here is Mini Soul Mates after being stitched from Sunday through Tuesday.

Again, it doesn't look like all that much but I am very pleased with the progress.

And here is the page finish of I am Half Sick of Shadows! It has today and tomorrow left in its rotation but since I was posting anyway I couldn't resist. I just snapped a quick pic a few minutes ago to get her on here before I go to work.

You will have to click on her for a better look I think. Happy stitching everyone.


Unknown said...

Hooray, another page finish.. I just love page finishes. Congrats

Mama Dog said...

Melinda, I do to, there is nothing like it. lol. I must get a better pic up. I have started this girl 3 times and this is the first page finish. Thanks for noticing.