Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little Progress

Well, I lost my rotation for a day or two but now I am back to it.
I just couldn't find the floss for Phuan and frankly, I haven't felt like looking for it. Since I keep floss and project together it is a mystery to me.
At first, feeling out of it from the dentist and such, I just worked on Needle Maiden since it was nothing but black and I figured I wouldn't make mistakes with that. I reached the end of the first row of 10 stitches high, as seen here.

Doesn't look too impressive but I'm happy with it. Maybe I should make some of those little progress bars to put on here so the progress is more obvious.

I didn't feel like anything fancy for my Wild Card Saturday and decided to bring out Mini Soul Mates since that is the next piece for my 3 day rotation. I got a lot done and I'm very pleased with the progress. I am posting now since I will be playing catch up at work all week after being off for 2 days and doubt I will have much stitching time. Here is the progress so far this weekend.

I have been daydreaming about starting Marchetti's Tree of Life, which I am kitting up about 3 strands of floss at a time. I plan to make a start on it in Sept. as a Birthday present to myself. I am also planning to finish kiting up QS Christmas Venice Nights, a long time favorite that is calling to me rather loudly. Soon my rotation will be nothing but HAED's and RAK's!


Unknown said...

I think I am becoming more and more a HAED stitcher... It is addicting I think - and starting a new one is another addiction of mine..

Thanks for sharing your progress, I love to watch stitching as it goes and blank fabric turn into works of art

Anonymous said...

Karen, I hope your feeling better.
I love the progress. I agree with Melinda on that, and on the HAED's.

I love seeing your progress on Mini Soul Mates. It is going to be a great focus piece for you.