Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lovely Surprise

As many of you may know some of the Irina Garmashova charts are being retired on the 25th. I had just added Glamour back to my wish list this week, and even shown the finished piece to a friend of mine at work. When I saw that Glamour was one of the charts to be retired I was a little grieved since it is the last of my "I love them so much I must stitch that" charts on my list.

Can you imagine my delight and surprise when I woke up in the middle of the night with sinus allergies, all sneezy and icky and decided to check my e-mail to pass the time, only to find Glamour had been gifted to me?

Here is the beauty if you aren't familiar with this marvelous chart.

Available here

I can't thank Liz enough for sending me this. Really. Not only do I love the chart for itself I feel thrilled and blessed to have, in my hot little hands, every single chart that I have loved above all others.

And yes, I will start all three that I have been given that I haven't started yet, just as soon as I can get them all kitted up. I've never been the recipient of so much kindness and it truly humbles me how many generous thoughtful people there are in my life.

Alas, I was unable to stitch at all Thursday evening, and only a very little last night, due to a mild flare-up and some pain. I will post what little progress was made on I am Half Sick of Shadows just as soon as I remember to take a pic. Until then, Happy Stitching Weekend to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Karen, congratulations! I really must check out the forums for this place. Who knows, maybe I'll stitch something larger than an ornament with the right inspiration? Anyway, after the last year or two you've had you deserve to be spoiled, and I'm so pleased to see you enjoying yourself so much.

Keep stitching and don't forget your sewing!


Unknown said...

HAED is a very special BB - I have never found one where the people there are so kind, and helpful.

Great things happen to Great People. You have a wonderful chart, can't wait to watch your work.

Mama Dog said...

Rhonda, stitch what you love and who cares if they are big or not? Melinda is right though, the HAED bulletin board is really filled with special people. I do feel spoiled and its a lovely feeling.

Melinda, you are kind. I am enjoying myself immensely though and kitting up is so much fun, even on a budget. I can't wait myself to see these projects grow.