Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life Keeps Happening (long post)

And sometimes it feels as if it will run right over you. That is how much of the past few weeks have felt to me. But through all of it I've found a few moments here and there to sit down and relax with my stitching. Sweet sanity.

To begin, my DH's step-father passed away last week on the same day DH had dental surgery. It has been a difficult time for him. There is no update on his Dragon Rip as he hasn't worked on it since the last update. DH has had other things to occupy him, and lets face it, he is not addicted to stitching the way some of us are.

I received this RAK anonymously from Molly the Black Lab just after that, though of course she had no way of knowing about our loss. I was so touched. Thank you Molly. While I'm sure I know who Molly is I will respect her wish to be anonymous. Here is Pals, a newer chart I fell in love with when it came out. Imagine, me with an animal chart on my wish list. A dog and puppy no less. lol.


I love everything about this pattern from the sweet animals to the incredibly detailed background. I love the carpet, the owl, the busts, the water bowl. If it weren't for having already half kitted up Tree of Life, and not having the budget to kit another chart, this may well have been my birthday new start come Sept.

Now I have been stitching, here is an update on Glamour, which is so boring to look at, but quite fun to stitch up.

Just to prove I haven't completely abondoned my rotation I did three days stitching on Mini Soul Mates. (She was starting to complain)!

And last, stitching the light colors of Glamour reminded me of how much I don't enjoy stitching light colors, don't hate it or anything, just don't love it. But it made me remember a UFO that sort of fell to the side in light of newer, and less white, projects. I pulled out QS Dragon Soul and put a few stitches in today. Here is an old before pic:

Not the greatest pic, you will have to click on it to get a better view, as usual. This is the last I have dated 5/30/11, if that gives you a clue of how long I've been meaning to pick it up again. I do love this chart and will post an update pic of whatever I manage to get done, though it looks like all the shades of white in the lower left where I am working.

Sorry to be such a long post, I've been restless with the stitching recently, and working more on what I please than on my rotation. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stitching week.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your fil, I know it was a long time coming. Hugs to you and your DH.
I love all the photo's. Glamour may be a little boring to look at now but will be a beauty as it grows. Your mini is looking good. Love the little dragon, that one is fun, glad you brought it out to play.


Unknown said...

Thinking of you and your DH, strength and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I love the little Dragon, glad you pulled this one back out!