Wednesday, August 29, 2012

News, Cross Stitching, HAED and Asthma

Well, I have finally gotten time to do a post. I was up most of the night with asthma and allergies and am just pooped. I've called into work for a sick day to try and feel better but of course laying down is out of the question just now since it seems to make the whole thing worse.

There has been a lot going on my the stitching world lately. The largest thing is the announcement from HAED owner Michelle Sayetta that business has been slow with them and that she has even considered closing her doors. A bunch of customers (fans?) from FB and other places have organized a Buy a HAED sort of thing for the week of Sept. 14 in order to show support.

My budget won't stand for much but I've decided to take part. The patterns there are very reasonable, and of course, now I have a valid reason to purchase one. Visit HAED at if you aren't familiar with their patterns. You will be pleasantly surprised. Wonderful customer service there to.

Since my vacation I've been spending more time on Face Book, particularly the stitching groups and I've found some to be much better than others. I've already left one or two, either because they weren't my cup of tea, or because of there being someone I just don't enjoy on there. Debating leaving a third, as there was quite a nasty dust-up last week-end on there and I'm just not interested in that sort of thing. That one is on parole, so to speak, because I really enjoy how active the group is otherwise and also seeing all the eye candy cross stitch.

Still haven't gone back to my rotation, and with having so little energy I seem to be drifting along, picking up one thing for a few stitches, then putting it down, next day picking up another. I am taking part in the haedless SAL this week and have only stitched on my GK I am half sick of shadows for one day. Picked up Needle Maiden and have put a few stitches in the last two nights. It isn't that I'm not excited about stitching, but that I feel too tired to do it for more than half an hour.

Well, no pretty pics today. I have been looking at black and white patterns pretty closely after picking QS Dragon Soul back up, as it has reminded me how fascinating it is to watch the shading come out and I have thought I might like to start stitching at lunch to keep myself from smoking. Unfortunately the budget just won't budge right now, so that will have to wait. Maybe the September purchase from HAED, though I think I might like to RAK that. Will have to see.

At any rate, Happy Stitching for today and the rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot happening. You even sound tired in this post. I hope you feel better soon. I've seen the HAED thing everywhere, though as you know generally I prefer the patterns from Scarlet Quince. I'm thinking of buying a HAED to show support, though really, this is a problem for every place that sells patterns. Too much theft, and a person can only work so many large patterns in a lifetime.


Unknown said...

I love HAED and do plan on purchasing a chart - I have several and told myself I could not purchase another one, until I had a finish - but this is a good cause. I have left all the HAED groups on Facebook as the people are grumpy. I only belong to one Stich group now, and the people seem very supportive. I pretty much just read blogs now, I find people are not as nasty when blog posting.

Emma/Itzy said...

I know what you mean about the groups - recently I have just been skim reading and looking at all the pretty pictures!

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Cheryl, I'm feeling much better this morning. I understand your wanting to show support, there are so few sources of really good cross stitch patterns.
Melinda, I'm happy to know you have found a good group. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult!
Emma, I have just been to your blog to vote! I hope you enjoy stitching whatever gets chosen. And I think I will try your way and just skim the groups. If nothing else it would save time.
Thank you all for commenting.