Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Possibly a Little Distracted

As Lynn's comment on my last blog entry reminded me, I got distracted while I was making that post and forgot something.

Before my back started acting up I'd cleared a little sewing/cutting space and cut out my modified version of Colette's Sorbetto.  I came back and sewed it up last week-end. The modifications were adding an inch across the bust and dropping the bust dart by 1 inch. This is the first time I've used bias tape on the outside and I was going to play it safe with white but DH picked out the pink and it looked both 50's and girly so I went with that. Not perfect on the bias but very good for a first try.

At any rate the fit is perfect and now I need a skirt to go along with it. The fabric was originally intended to be a skirt when I bought it back in Feb.. It is all cotton and feels lovely but the cutting lady at (Big name Craft Store) cut it at an angle and it lost about two inches short of 2 yards because of that, then it shrank naturally, being all cotton, and finally I had to straighten the grain so it came up just short of being enough fabric for the length skirt I wanted to make. It looks a ton better on me than on the hanger.

I've had a few other questions in the comments and in my E-mail that I want to address in the next post, as well as talking about my stitching rotation. Now I have to motor if I want to get ready for work. Happy Stitching everyone.


Unknown said...

Love it - you are so clever.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen, I didn't expect a post for my question but it was worth it. I still haven't made a sorbetto. Am I the only one?


Anonymous said...

If your answering questions will you tell me about what pattern companies you've used, and how they were, their cutomer service, pricing etc.