Sunday, December 9, 2012

Early Morning Stitching Daydreams

I've been thinking quite a lot about just how many projects I have started this year, about how many yummy delicious charts I've been blessed with that I somehow managed not to start, about rotations, about SAL's, about what other charts I'd really like to have. There was a run-on sentence for you!

I made a finishes page and there isn't that much on there, which is OK, it is just for fun. Still, it did set me to thinking. I feel like I want to be really committed to the HAED SAL this coming year. Not to win new patterns so much as because I didn't take part last year and I didn't finish the ones from previous years. So I'm pretty sure I'll commit to finishing at least one page of it, but more likely two this year. I would love to say I'll do all four pages but I have no idea what the year will be like as everything is so unsettled and up in the air right now.

I do want to make a few things for my kitchen. I'm day dreaming about when we get to start re-doing it in the misty future somewhere and I'm thinking traditional blue and white. In furtherance of that I've chosen some charts I found here. I love this site, which I found by accident when I was home with my back out on Wed. Yes it went back out but is improving. Mostly alphabets there, which I love, but I will actually stitch some of the other pieces as a set for the kitchen walls. Free is good right now, and I love the idea of stitching older charts that have been well loved over the years.

Then there are some other charts I'm interested in, but they are daydream charts for now. There is this one from Tilton Crafts which has been one of my favs for a few weeks now. It was love at first sight and hasn't waned at all. Steam Punk Puppy! Actual name of the chart is Amris.

Another old fav is this one from Scarlet Quince.
I've been loving this black and white for a couple of years now.

There are two from Golden Kite, also been getting love from me for a few years.
 And Sympathy.

You've seen my other day dream charts on past posts so I won't bore you.

Have you noticed that I altered the pixxels of the photo's a few posts back? I read that I should do that to save memory storage usage on Blogger and it seems to be alright.

I have no idea what I'll be stitching the rest of the month. I may go back to my rotation, I do love the idea of a rotation, but in reality I usually do whatever in December and just flow with it, so I'll have to wait and see. I haven't started a new black and white yet. I need to sort fabric and I'm trying not to spend anything extra. It will be Cheshire Cat, it received the most votes, and it is smaller and so more affordable. The Black will happen though, it must.

Does your  stitching change at the Holidays? Have you  decided what you'll be stitching next year? I'm still working on that myself. What chart(s) have you thought about stitching for years but haven't gotten round to buying yet, or have bought and not stitched?

Happy Stitching my Stitchy Friends!


sharine said...

Those charts are all beautiful. I'm thinking on getting a Golden Kite chart to start next year when I can make my mind up:)

Mama Dog said...

Sharine, which GK's are you thinking about? I have I am Half Sick of Shadows. I've re-started a couple of times and so I only have 1 page of it done. They are lovely charts though. If I remember correctly the full pages are a little smaller than HAED ones. I need to go look at your blog and refresh my memory.

The Crafty Princess said...

I love your charts. The whimsical steam punk puppy is fantastic!! I have 2 Scarlet Quinces and 4 GK's. And currently working on 2 from each site. I love love love them.

You're right the GK charts are equivalent to HAED large chart format. Usually has about 6 columns per page. I actually enjoy the use of blending colour's I find that bit really fun.

You sound a little perplexed about what to stitch next or go back to rotation. I suggest to just relax and wait for the Wips to call to you. They'll let you know what to do. LOL!!
Have a great Christmas xo

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing Golden Kites, Scarlet Quinces - and Tilton Crafts - these are all new to me.

I will try to help to keep you motivated on the HAED SAL.. I picked Theatre of the Absurd and I really love this chart -

Mama Dog said...

I love the GK's to, but I haven't bought a Scarlet Quince yet. I'm almost afraid to get one. Amris is becoming a great love and it is just as well I can't buy it right now because I don't think I could possibly resist him.

I am a little perplexed as to what I will stitch in 2013 as I let myself get so carried away with new starts this year.

Melinda, glad to lead you to some other companies. I only discovered Tilton a few weeks ago because of their FB group but the wip's I've seen look very good. There is one of Slash that I long for but it was made for just one person.
I liked every chart in the HAED SAL this time and that is saying something as I usually don't like anything with a clown, or something remotely resembling a clown.
I will try to keep you motivated as well!
The colors in Theatre of the Absurd are so appealing. I'm really looking forward to next years progress pics.

Mama Dog said...

And is Amris a him or a her? Never wondered about that till now. I refuse to ponder why 3 out of 4 charts had dogs. I have a thing for charts with dogs and cats.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Karen,

Beautiful charts. I've never heard of Tilton Crafts, will have to go check that out.

Four weeks ago tomorrow (Monday) I was finally officially diagnosed with MDD -- Major Depressive Disorder. And barely got out of being admitted to the hospital against my will because of it.

To "celebrate", I came right home and purchased the Golden Kite version of "Sympathy". I figure if the MDD wins, I will at least have achieved one stitchy goal I had -- finally spending the big bucks on that GK chart.

I hope you enjoy Cheshire Cat, though if it's okay with you, I'm going to tell Molly you're working on Mini The Black anyway. She had picked that one because the horse was "almost" as beautiful as Molly herself. :)

Hope you and your DH are doing well.


PS -- I'm doing Literate Dragon in the BB SAL. Just received my order of the last threads I needed for it, so just need the first page to get going now. :)

Mama Dog said...

Teresa, at least you now have the diagnosis. That must have been really frightening.
I'm glad you bought Sympathy for yourself, even if it was expensive. I've never understood the pricing at GK.
Please tell Molly what ever makes her happiest. The Black will be waiting until I can buy a piece of fabric for it. My 18 ct. wasn't quite big enough as The Black is larger than Cheshire Cat. The Black is beautiful but I'm sure not nearly so beautiful as Molly.
I have a few thread left to get for Mystic Garden but it isn't a lot and I will hopefully have them very soon. Literate Dragon will be lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing your work on it now that you are planning to post images to the BB.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Karen,

Well, just remember "planning to post images" is a bit different from "actually posting images", LOL! Still have to work on getting a camera good enough to take reasonably good pictures of my stitching, but simple enough to work with this dinosaur of a computer. But the MDD plays heck with my energy levels and desire to do anything, and with Christmas bearing down, I can barely bring myself to go to the grocery store, much less anywhere else to start looking at cameras. :(

Yeah, finally having the official diagnosis is somewhat of a relief. But now I'm a "Black Box Warning", whatever the heck that is, according to my doctor.

I, too, wonder about the pricing at Golden Kite. I love how large the charts are printed (like a *super* large format compared to HAED), but it was heck printing out all those pages on my poor little printer, LOL! I wonder if the price is so high because they are charted differently -- ie. the blended colors instead of just single colors.

Oh, and you're in trouble, my dear. I just couldn't settle down to sleep last night, so I went to the Tilton Crafts site. "So Lonely" is (or should be soon) on its way to me via snail mail. Thank goodness she was having a sale, lol!

I'm glad you're getting your threads together for Mystic Garden. That one and Literate Dragon were the two I kept going back and forth with, but went with my reading gentleman in the end.


PS -- Oh, and guess whose birthday is this Saturday? Molly is going to be 9 years old. I'm making a small spiral ham, because, even though I knew she loved regular ham, I discovered last year at Christmas, that Molly ADORES spiral ham. (It was the first time I had gotten one.) The nut. Oh, and I made baked ziti for the first time ever this past week -- with no meatballs because I didn't have them in the house -- and guess who went crazy over the ziti even without the meat? She loves spaghetti anyway (I always buy the mildest sauce), but the ziti had the different cheeses in it. I think that did it. She just loved it. Well, it's always good to have someone on the planet appreciate your cooking, I guess, LOL!

Mama Dog said...

Teresa, you must let me know how So Lonely's chart is since I haven't ordered from them yet. All that white and gray and pale colors!
Perhaps your right about the GK's. They certainly make wonderful charts. The finished pieces are always so beautiful.
I've gotten all but one of the colors for the HAED BB SAL. I had 3 charts I was seriously considering, Mystic Garden, Literate Dragon, and Nostalgy, which I liked when it came out in full sized. I had told DH when mystic Garden came out that if they included one of those tigers in this years SAL I would definitely take part, but who knew the other choices would be so great?
I'm sorry to be so slow in responding but I had an eye exam yesterday that went on forever, everything was alright in the end but they kept checking and double checking and then I couldn't really look at the computer last night.
Happy Birthday to Molly! She is obviously a canine (don't tell her I called her a canine) of good taste! Spiral cut ham sounds yummy. Baked Ziti sounds even better! I'm sure Molly is a cheese connoisseur along with all of her other talents!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so glad that your eye exam turned out alright after all the double checking! That would have put me in a bit of a tizzy, myself.

Will let you know about the Tilton chart. I hesitated about 45 seconds on "So Lonely" because of all those pale colors, but I love polar bears, and that one just looked like he needed some love. :)

The 2013 SAL definitely had some beauties this year. It's the main reason that I really want to get the camera and be able to post pictures this time. I'm hoping to be able to stitch enough to get Mystic Garden (first), the SK Trick or Treat (probable second choice) and then Nostalgy (either second or third). So that means I have to stitch 1.5 pages at least, and be able to post pictures of them. I'm actually hoping to finish the Dragon, but since I'm not all that crazy about Heather or Theater of the Absurd (though I hear the colors on that one are gorgeous), I won't be asking for those if I do finish.

Actually, the main MAIN reason for the camera is that Molly is demanding some air time. She wants her cyberfriends to glory in all that is The Princess. Or some such babbling. Hehe. And I will definitely won't tell her you refered to her as a canine -- she'll be the first to tell you she's human AND that's she a princess human at that.

Ah, well. It's almost 4 a.m. and Molly's making little squeaky noises at me which means she's ready for bed. I keep telling her to go without me, but she won't leave my side. Oh, my, but I do love her so.

Hope you are doing well today, and please tell your DH I said hello.