Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Forgetful, as well as being a slow stitcher!

In my last post I completely forgot to show you what I got from the HAED rewards program for finishing QS Dragon Soul. I requested QS Dragon Angel, by Sinz:
Here is a picture:

Love the dragon and the purple and violet really appeal to me. Of course I've no idea when I will start this one. There is a certain butterfly calling my name at the moment, and getting louder.
I just followed the directions on the HAED site and the chart was e-mailed to me super fast. What a great program!

My QS Mystic Garden is coming along slowly, not so much from the confetti, but from the method I'm using to keep up with the chart. It really slows me down. The pattern is a pleasure to stitch if you don't might a bit of confetti. Here is an updated pic as of yesterday morning.

I was a little bored last night while I was trying to be quiet while DH took a nap, so I pulled out a scrap piece of fabric and began a God Bless Our Home. Yes, I already have a pretty flowery one I did year ago, but this one is super plain and simple. It comes from the book Season's Remembered, an old Leisure Arts cross stitch book that I don't think I've ever worked out of. Remember I did some book sorting and now I naturally have to look through the stitchy ones to refresh my memory of what is in them. There are several pieces I meant to work and never got around to, so don't be surprised if you see some of the smaller ones popping up on here on my spare pieces of fabric. I'm quite in the mood for pieces I can finish in under a year or two right now. I am also still thinking of ornaments for some reason, so who knows what I will take it into my head to do now that things are all tidy and easy to find?

Here is a pic of my little start.

Until next time, Happy Stitching Dear Friends. 


Pull the other thread said...

Lovely new chart and new start. Well done.

Julie said...

Your new chart is very attractive.

Melody said...

Love your new HAED pretty! :)

Mama Dog said...

Thanks ladies. The chart pick follows a familiar pattern for me. Purple! And really the vast majority of my charts are angels, dragons, dogs or cats. Put two of them together in one chart and it is very hard for me to resist.
I also love stuff about home. I don't know why, it just makes me feel so cozy to stitch something homey.

Anonymous said...

The new chart is a beauty -- I too love the purple dress and the dragon. Gorgeous combination.

I hope you are doing well.

Teresa and Molly

Mama Dog said...

Thank you Teresa. I really like the colors in the chart. I am doing well, just a bit frustrated with the car situation. Hope you and Molly are doing well too.

Anonymous said...

I love that your not all snobby about your stitching. I'm so tired of seeing those who only use this fabric or will only stitch something if it is huge or from a certain company. I see people all the time on face book like this, who act as of everyone is so beneath them. I sound awful but I just wanted to say it somewhere and your so approachable.


Unknown said...

I love your HAED choice the Purples are beautiful. Love to see you are doing all sorts of stitching.

Mama Dog said...

Lynn, I'm pleased you feel you can express your feelings here. I've run across a few stitchers like that over the years, but I have to say most folks are just excited to share what works for them. The others I just tend to ignore.

Melinda, I was reading your blog a bit earlier but Blogger was acting funny and wouldn't let me comment. Will try again later, but if you see this, I love all your starts! You have been a very busy girl so far this year. It ought to be loads of fun watching what comes next.
I've been having a good time doing "all sorts of stitching", and you should see what I have found in my stash! My stash is very small, oh, I will have to do a post to show you.