Monday, January 21, 2013

New Start(s) and a Little Finish

After last weeks sorting of the books I started a little God Bless from one of them and finished it this morning. Here is a pic. I really enjoyed this quick little stitch. I've no idea what I will make it up into yet but something will come to me.

And in keeping with the sorting, and continuing on, I began on the cross stitch magazines. Not the knitting, crochet, or God help us, the quilting ones. Here is a quick snap I took of some of them. Not all by any means.

These range from the early 80's until 2009. Can't believe it has been that long since I bought a cross stitch magazine, but there you are.

In organizing some other things I came across these two needlepoint kits. I knew they were there but I'd sort of forgotten so I pulled them.

The cushion is wool and the hanging is floss and ribbon and such. I've begun the wool piece, let the DH choose which to start first. It is called Orchid Collage by Dimensions and is probably discontinued given how long ago I bought it.

The hanging, or picture if you prefer, is Cherry Blossom Beauty, The Gold Collection, Dimensions. It is even older (12 to 15 years) and I will have to work it very soon as the painting on the 18 ct. canvas appears to be fading fast.

There are no other kits, my stash is woefully small. There is one kit, that DH bought and never worked, cross stitch, with wolves. It is on black aida. Maybe I will pull that out one of these days. I had to frog a bit of it for him and he just sort of gave it up as he was just a beginner at the time.

And of course there is Frederick, that I got for my anniversary present last year to be worked on. I do enjoy a nice kit from time to time.

Still putting in stitches on the Mystic Garden here and there as I am doing the BB SAL on the HAED BB this week. I also need to work on my kitchen piece that I showed you before, but may wait for the HAEDless SAL for that. Or not. It has been a long time since I found myself enjoying these simpler pieces and I want to go with that.

Happy stitching this week my friends.


Anonymous said...

Love the new starts and your little finish. Isn't it nice to find old things? Almost like having something new. I particularly like your cushion. You have a great attitude about things.


Mama Dog said...

Thanks Rhonda. It is like getting something all new.

I was just doing my 2013 goals for the BB SAL and all I put was to finish Mystic Garden, since I have so much other stuff and non-HAED stuff going on.

Julie said...

Its always nice to have a sort through stash, amazing what you forget you have.

Anonymous said...

The needlepoint should be fun for a change. Don't you just love having a little stash put by for a rainy day? I loved the God Bless you did! I'm fond of simple and uncluttered pieces.
Looking forward to seeing your work on the cushion, I loved your unicorn one so much I've looked up the chart.


Kat said...

Oooh! Isn't it great to find pretties that you forgot about? I love your blog so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. It an award to pass around the blogging community so we can get to know eachother better. See my latest post for details

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on your finish

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Kat and Dani. I have had very little time to do anything right now. 3 full days of not being able to stitch. Will get back to updates as soon as I can.