Friday, June 28, 2013

Here In The Real (stitching) World

There are only so many hours in the day.
After being a bit injured I'm able to stitch again this last week or so, but having less time and still working on recovering I realized I just didn't want to work on some huge project with 100 colors. Wow, did I say that?
The smaller projects I've done in recent months have been satisfying my stitching urge without overwhelming me with detail, and I've come to a place to realize that is ok, for the moment. Not that there isn't a part of me that misses and longs for confetti galore, but at the moment I'm really enjoying my lazy stitching and seeing some completions of things for the home.

In that vein when I was able to begin stitching again I didn't pick up anything major. In fact I did a few stitches on my new kit, just to put my hand in. This is the little I've done.

A bit of umbrella, nothing too exciting.

But then last week-end I was able to pick up only my second issue ever of The World of Cross Stitching. You just can't hardly find them here.

It was issue number 201 and I found a little chart I couldn't resist.

Not the best pictures but it is rainy and cloudy so the best I could do.
I'm loving stitching this up all in one color, though I picked a different color of red than that in the magazine.  I can see this as a pillow much like in the magazine, and I may add our names at the bottom, also a suggestion in the magazine that I like.

So I'm busy, and tired a bit 'till I get used to working full time again. It is a good feeling and I'm feeling mostly satisfied with the little bits of stitching I am having time for. I feel like I should feel guilty about all of this but I really don't. It is just too good and relaxing at the moment. Very freeing to change things up.

What about you? Are you enjoying your stitching? Having fun with your present projects, or do you need to shake it up for a little while? Summer brings so much in the way of change and shaking up routine, have you done anything different? Do you want to?

Happy Stitching my friends! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love it. The magazine is hard to get here too. And yes, I've been knitting a lot more than stitching just lately, and just enjoying the warm weather, so less stitching time. Keep having fun with it!

sharine said...

I usually switch between knitting and stitching. Some progress is good progress:)

Anonymous said...

Like the post above, some progress is good progress. And hey, you are enjoying it right?
I'm still unpacking my stuff and with nothing to stitch I bought a couple of those little kits for the new place. Everything is old and ugly here having one on the wall cheered up enough that I'm working another. Cheers to the little ones that somehow mean so much to us!

Mama Dog said...

Jessie, glad to hear it! I bet the girls are loving all of that lace!

Sharine, I've been following your knitting and stitching. You get so much done!

Rhonda, My house is the same way. Maybe that is why these little pieces cheer us up so much. And stitching on the walls make everything feel more like home.