Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mysteries Of The Universe, and stitching.

Such as, why is DMC thread so much less expensive in the US than in Europe? or Why does DMC sell Magic Guide in the UK but not in the US? And why have dye lots on the skeins if you don't have dye lots? Things that make you go Hmmm.

Then there are my skirts. Yes, I prefer making them to fit and today I am reminded why. Three ready made (store bought)  skirts that are just me. All were sort of tea length, or what I call cowboy boot length, except one turned out to be a maxi, swoon! All in the same size, two by the same manufacturer. One is tight enough to have been used in medieval torture. The other just right and the third from a different manufacturer a smidge too big.  The just right one is the maxi, so all cool there at least. But huh on ready to wear sizing?

Now to the stitching.
I pulled out one of my all time favorite pieces, Basilisk, and re-kitted it. Yes, I know I said I hadn't the inclination for a something with a lot confetti or colors right now, but apparently my mood changed!  I don't have a new pic because I didn't have about 5 colors. I was going to work on it anyway but naturally three of those five colors were in the first row so I put it aside until I get them. Here is where I was the last time you saw it.

On Friday I was having what I like to call a Karen day. After the past few weeks of dealing with some illness and the new job settling down I was just frazzled out. So when I was off on Friday I didn't run errands or do lots of useful stuff around the house.

I sat on my bottom and made a new start on the only thing I had kitted up.
Fantasy Blue. You may remember that I surprised myself by buying her back in April. Well, I didn't get a lot done, but here is her progress so far.

Probably not the greatest picture ever but a nice little beginning.
She should look like this when she is finished, and is available from Tilton Crafts

I also hung out laundry. lol. I actually enjoy that.

I've been following along on a certain stitch-a-long that I meant to take part in that began in June but I didn't get everything kitted up in time the way I thought I would. You saw those charts in a previous post and if you haven't seen it yet take a look at HAED's Owl in a Poppy Field being stitched over on It is looking fabulous and cute and sweet.

That is all for the moment friends. I hope you guys are enjoying your summer if it is summer for you and enjoying your not so summer Down Under.

Happy Stitching this week!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely surprise! That was so thoughtful of you and really came at the perfect time. I love that your starting Fantasy Blue and even more that you are thinking of your Basilisk. I love that one but would never stitch it.


sharine said...

It's a mystery for sure! Great stitching:)

Cath said...

I love your blue stitch. Looking forward to that one coming to life .
It really annoys me that DMC are so cheaper in the US too. I keep saying if we win the lottery , I am going stash shopping over there ,lol.

Mama Dog said...

Rhonda I was happy to send the list.
Sharine, lol. There were more but I was too lazy to type them in.
Cath, I'm actually in the US and it annoys me no end that I can't get the magic guide here.

Julie said...

Lovely new blue start

Unknown said...

Those are great questions for sure... The size one always gets me while shopping for new clothes

Mama Dog said...

Julie I am loving the blue. With such limited time it is nice to not be switching colors so much.
Melinda, me too. I just don't get how the people manufacturing them think.