Friday, October 4, 2013

After The Frogging

And a new start.

I thought I'd show you my Friday SK SAL Spider Queen after the frogging last Friday and my new stitches today. I've had some pain and doubt I'll be stitching on it again today so it has gone away until next Friday.

The stitching is a bit smoother and I really didn't want to stop but common sense with the amount of pain I was experiencing finally won out. I am a slow stitcher to begin with and working on the frame used to be faster for me but now it is slower. A great deal slower. Hopefully I'll pick up speed as I get used to stitching on a frame and parking again. The half crosses are ok but I am wondering if I shouldn't have gone ahead with the 3 over 1 instead of the 2 over. As you can see I am still missing some colors so there are blank spots.

To celebrate paying off a debt I treated myself by starting this.

It is a sweet little kit and I love the cheerful colors. Also love how quickly the lettering stitches up.

I also put a few stitches into my blue and white sampler, but not a lot and I didn't take a picture. Will have to catch that next time.
It has been another busy week but I'm satisfied I fit some stitching time in when I could.

Until next time
Happy Stitching


Pull the other thread said...

Great progress. Sorry to hear that you are having pain problems.

Julie said...

Lovely new start.

Mama Dog said...

Thank you. The pain comes with using the frame, but also was already sore from Dean yanking me half way across the backyard as he learns the fine art of walking on a leash.
I love the colors in the new start. I had to have the kit the moment I saw it Julie.