Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cold and Flu Season Again, Vet Visits and a Bit of Stitching and Sewing

So the husband got a cold and decided to share it with me. Such fun! Will this winter never end?
I was doing the HH SAL, which is picking a SWIP or a UFO to work on for that week and got KO'd with a nasty cold. I have gone to work and slept and done as little else as possible since it hit, but before it shut me down I got a little stitching in.

And After:

In sewing news I'm pretty excited about some fairly boring sewing. I faced the horrible truth and measured my waist and hips and drafted a pattern for a simple a-line elastic waisted skirt. I gained back nearly 10 of the 20 pounds I lost a little over a year ago so I decided to try and lose that again and the skirts would need an elastic waist.

For the first muslin I used some fabric left over from a maxi-skirt I made 2 or 3 years ago. Can't beat that cotton/rayon blend. It came out perfectly so now I have that to wear this summer! Yay. I lengthened the pattern I'd made a little bit and cut out 2 more skirts, one in a dark navy blue and the other is a grey tweedy looking fabric from years ago. I decided to line these since hey, winter won't go away this year. I am in need of basics at the moment.

Pic's next time since I only have one of them sewn up and I haven't put the hems in yet. The husband cold didn't slow me down, it stopped me in my tracks! The longer length looks a bit dowdy to me and I may adjust that, but overall I'm in a happy sewing place and feeling more comfortable with drafting my own patterns.

On a scarier note my puppy Dean has a growth on his leg so there have been a few vet trips. He was scheduled to be neutered anyway so he will have the growth removed while under the anesthetic for that, and sent off for biobsy. We took him for preliminary blood work Friday. At just over 60 pounds he isn't exactly easy to handle when he gets scared and nervous and we had to muzzle him for the first time, just as a precaution. He was such a good boy when they took his blood. Prayers that he will be fine for his surgery and that his biopsy will be negative.

Dean, aka Smiley aka Baby Boy. With Samantha being held prisoner in the background.

Until next time Happy Stitching.


Anonymous said...

I see why you call him Smiley! Best thoughts and wishes for Dean.
How do you draft the skirt pattern? Is it hard? I'd love to try something like that.


Julie said...

I hope all goes well for your boy and that you are feeling much better.

Mama Dog said...

Robin, Hey girl! Great to hear from you. Thank you for your good wishes for Dean. How goes your applique? I'm going to e-mail you some links that make it dead easy to make the skirt both regular with a zipper and with the elastic waist.

Julie, thank you, I will keep everyone posted on Dean when I know something. I am slowly recovering from the cold, it was a bad one. Still sleeping lots when I get the time.

Unknown said...

Will be keeping you and Dean in my thoughts - Fingers crossed all goes well

Mama Dog said...

Thank you Melinda.