Sunday, May 4, 2014

Crazy Life with Stitching and Crafting.

After one of the most trying weeks ever I have the pleasure of sitting down and sharing fun stuff with you.

In stitching I've pulled out Mini Soul Mates. I managed to finish another row and make a start on the next.

I've also made a few 9 patch blocks to satisfy the quilting urge for a moment.
And I've been cutting strips from left over fabric and from old clothes. The plan is to make a strippy quilt on the treadle. Or maybe two. I want to get really comfortable with her. She may look like a tank but I've named her Fairy Bell. I was sewing with her on a warm spring evening and she sewed like a dream, light and smooth.
Here are some strips.

I went to Goodwill to look for a cheapy box for them but they were basically higher than a new one at a big box store. I did find a picture frame there and tried my hand at framing a piece of stitching. Not the greatest, I've no talent for that, but it is okay.

What do you think?

The colors go really well at least. I'm determined to find frames for, or otherwise finish more of my finished projects.

And lastly, in the right of this picture, the baskets I found at the dollar store to hold the strips by color. I love me some dollar store. Well, one of them. I got 4 to start with so I could separate them by color group.

Life has become extremely hectic and unpredictable. There is a lot going on, so I'm not sure how often I'll be posting for the next little while. More, less, the same. I'm sure I'll be crafting at something though since that is what relaxes me and helps ground and center me.

Until next time Happy Stitching Neighbors and Friends.


Anonymous said...

Given every thing that has been happening this week I'm surprised you even did a blog post. But I shouldn't be, your a trooper.
So proud of you girl. Just keep going on.


Anonymous said...

I love the framed piece! Great idea for an affordable way to get a frame. I can't wait to get to the thrift store and give this a try.


Von said...

Hang in there and keep stitching!

Mama Dog said...

I will thanks Von. Jessie, your a real pal. Rhonda, good luck. I think we will have to be patient to find the good ones.

Julie said...

I hope life settle for you and you are able to get some relaxation time with your crafting, the framed stitching is beautiful, such a lovey piece.

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Julie. I loved stitching that little piece too.