Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Minimal Stitching

But at least it is something!
Here is an update on All Dog's Go To Heaven from Heaven and Earth Designs.

Yep, more blue. Not the most exciting thing to look at, but hey, my blue is growing.

Warning: See that quilting pen I was  gridding with? One of my kits I used that on last year has suddenly had those lines re-appear! I will never use it again. You can see that piece before it was washed and the lines gone, on the Finishes tab for 2013. I'm going to wash it again in a few minutes and hope for the best. I was really upset about this since I've used it before with no problems.

And second up is progress on Mini Cheshire Cat. It is also a Heaven and Earth design. It was RAK'd to me over a year ago and I am enjoying the black and white so much, even though you can't tell a thing yet since I haven't gotten very far. I remember my absolute delight when I put down QS Dragon Soul one day and realized I had stitched a thumb. I couldn't even tell until I was done stitching for the day and was seeing it from a distance.
It doesn't look like much progress, but then I've had very little time for stitching so I'm pretty pleased.

I am finally beginning to get caught up on my blog reading. It is so much fun reading about what others are doing and really inspiring to see all the pics. There are a number of blogs I visit that aren't listed on the sidebar yet and I really need to take the time to get them on there. Hopefully that will be soon.

I am hoping to get some quality stitching time in tonight. I have an actual night off! So I am going to get some housework done and then we will see.

Happy Stitching!


Lauren M said...

Great progress :)

Julie said...

Looking good, I hope the ink washes out from the quilting pen.

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Lauren.

Julie, the ink didn't wash out. It is faded and looks like old pencil lines.

Unknown said...

Lovely work, I had no idea you were working on Mini Cheshire and I LOVE that design!