Monday, August 18, 2014

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back; I won a chart!

Or that is what it feels like.
I was sure that I'd have posted 3 or 4 times since my last post on July 16, but life stepped in and slowed me to something less than a crawl.
Let me explain.
I'd had that post planned and went ahead and posted it, even though at the time I'd already had the 'injury' that was slowing me down. I thought the symptoms would pass with time and I'd get on with things.
Well, they haven't, but I am getting on with things.
I'd taken a fall in my hallway and was having some pretty nasty symptoms, I won't describe all of them, just the ones that were majorly affecting my stitching and crafting.
1. Extreme sensitivity to light. (As in, my bright stitching light)
2. Massive headache that would not go away and would only go down to a dull headache with meds.
3. The occasional bout of blurred vision that made seeing stitches and symbols impossible.
There are a host of other symptoms but I these are the ones that most affected my ability to stitch. Oh, and yes, I did finally go to the doctor after some badgering from my husband. It appears I had a concussion. I admit to being alarmed when he sent me straight to the hospital for a stat Cat Scan and then to a neurologist.
But that isn't what I'm posting about today, but merely an explanation of what happened so you can all get the idea of how things have been and so you will understand the following about coping with it.
First, meds for the headache have helped.

At first I didn't stitch at all, then I started a needlepoint kit I had in the stash (bigger holes and little counting).
But it wasn't satisfying. I need my stitch therapy!
1. I've learned to adjust my stitching light in such a way that I find it bearable for short periods of time.
2. Use the Nook or Kindle, with EZPDF reader. I can highlight the symbol I'm stitching so I don't forget which one I was stitching if I have a flaring head pain or headache, or have to stop a moment for blurred vision.
3. Use the same ezPDF reader to view my symbols enlarged when said problems make it difficult to see them on my floss key or chart.
4. Shortly I will be adding an enlarged version of the symbols to my floss bags for each project. Just have to get my handy dandy printer hooked up. (First have to find the hand dandy power cord. lol).
5. Stitch only one project for a little while so I don't feel so overwhelmed.
6. Accept that my already slow stitching is going to be even slower.
7. Minimize distractions during stitching time. Dogs, movies, music etc.
8. Don't travel or cross country stitch, a head ache just makes me that much more likely to make an error.
9. When having blurred vision only work on something like 14 ct. The one project I chose above is 14 ct. aida, 3 over 1. Mini Soul Mates.
10. Count it as many times as I deem necessary if I'm just feeling like maybe I didn't count right the first time.
So far these are my solutions. Suggestions are extremely welcome. I am not looking to re-invent the wheel here.
And the chart I won? Jo did a little contest on her anniversary and I was lucky enough to win! I was able to have my pick of a HAED chart and chose mini The Ghost. I love that chart, and it isn't huge so it should be do-able, even if I am slow. Here is the link and a picture. Mini The Ghost .

Isn't she divine?

Until next time, Happy Stitching Everyone.


Pull the other thread said...

You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon and things aren't too serious. Just be patient with yourself, do what you can and take breaks when you need to.

Love your new chart.

Julie said...

Rest lots, hope you feel better soon, how scarey.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you could use a new start. I hope you feel better soon. Take a step back and don't try to do everything at once, you probably need some recovery time.