Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Start Goodness and an Update

Well, to tell the truth and shame the devil it is a re-start of the first big Heaven and Earth chart I ever bought. The bright and beautiful Anal Nathrach. I had a lot of problems with this one and finally just put it down. Wrong fabric and the wrong stitch was definitely part of the ugliness.
Here is a pic of the chart:

I love fantasy art and this one is so super bright and cheerful it outdoes itself.
So, re-start on 18ct. aida 2 over 1. I was so going to order the kit with 25 ct. but due to recent problems with eye sight I decided 18ct was more practical. And it was a hefty amount cheaper to kit it up myself at 123Stitch. Enough so that I'm going to give the Secret Santa thing a try again this year after all. I'd thought I wouldn't be able to afford it. What a treat, but more on that later.

Mail delivery goodness:
And new start porn:

The first 101 stitches:

The setup, for now:
As you can see I am experimenting with leaving the needles on my parking. I stopped at Wally World and bought a pack of button magnets to keep them on. We will see how that works out. I'm a little nervous about them since Dean ate a pack of cigarettes one week and a watch battery the next. Expensive snacking on his part and these aren't that big and look sort of treat sized.
My stitching speed has been reduced to probably a quarter of what it was and I'm hoping this method will help pick it back up a little. I'll let you know when I know.

Meanwhile, my late night between calls project, Mini The Black, of which I am only working the black right now, is coming along nicely.

I hope everyone is enjoying their stitching as much as I am.
Happy stitching my friends.


Annie said...

Beautiful stitching, and I love the new chart! Looking forward to watching this one grow.

Pull the other thread said...

Two amazingly beautiful projects there. Love your new start and great progress on The Black.

Miamina said...

This is one of my favourite designs and I'm so pleased that you've restarted it!

I know you have some health issues and is great to see that you are still stitching. Well done and hugs xx