Friday, June 12, 2015

Page Finishes! New Stash and Temptations!

Well, summer is here, and stitching time is, as always, short.
Having said that, I must admit I've had a good time with my stitching.
First up was a page finish on The Lord's Prayer.

Since I started on the second page, because I enjoy working right to left, this is the second page and the chart is 2 pages wide. This isn't the best picture ever, excuse the wrinkles, but it shows well enough what I have been doing. I love the old fashioned looked of the hand dyed fabric with the brown and the multicolored floss.

About the time I finished this page Charting Creations was created and I was immediately stricken with love for some of the charts. I encourage you to stop by and check out some of the charts. She is releasing new ones all the time and they look fabulous. I bought one for myself but on the condition I make myself get a page finish on one of my other projects.

Which brings me to Anal Nathrach:
You may recall that I began this one, again, some time back. This time I started on the center page. I've really debated about ripping out part of this page, and that was my plan when I sat down with it. In the end I kept the 'sloppy' stitches, because I couldn't bring myself to tear them out. This piece, this one page, was filled with so much struggle. I can see the neat stitches where I began it, I can see where I tried to pick up stitching again after my concussion, when the blurred vision and short term memory loss were such a problem. I can see the improvement, almost like looking at a road map, as I began to recover. So I finished the page, which makes me happy, and the errors, well, they were and are a part of me and my personal history and while I don't love the way they look, they show me, and my struggle, and the eventual victory and recovery. When I look at this I see all of that.

Back to stash. By the time I finished the page I had at least two more charts I was wanting from Charting Creations. Yeah, so I used the discount code and bought two more.
I won't post a picture yet but you are welcome to go and check out their charts for yourself.

The first one I got was Unicorn Silhouette.
The two I bought together later were Puppy Love (I'd asked for a dog related chart,) and Tribal Dragon. I made a small start on Tribal Dragon today. My husband really likes it and it will do very well as a take along project.

I am officially on a stash ban, self imposed, as we have things we need to be saving up for around the house. But I can honestly say there are at least 5 more charts I could easily buy from there, if only I had the time to stitch them up.

My work weekend is about to start so there won't be much stitching, if any, the next four days. I really hope everyone else is enjoying their stitching time as much as I am.

Happy Summertime Stitching Everyone!


Miamina said...

Gorgeous stitching! I think it's right to leave the stitching, even if you aren't happy with how it looks, it does represent you, in the good and bad and the journey you have been through.

I too have been tempted by Nikki's charts, I've bought...erm...more than 1! I've made a start on the Unicorn Silhouette and also a chart that I've commissioned her to chart for me as well :)

Julie said...

Two lovely projects, growing well.