Thursday, August 13, 2015

Forgetful Stitchy Blogger

Because, yes, I forgot to come back and post pictures as I said I would.
Sorry you guys. I was convinced I'd done it, then the work weekend started on Friday. I work 10 hour shifts overnight from Friday through Monday, which doesn't leave a lot of time. On top of which I came down with the summer cold from your nightmares on Saturday and have had difficulty looking at the monitor since then. I've Facebooked from the kindle or phone and that is about it.

But enough excuses, I was a bad blogger.
Phone pictures, but here they are.

This is Tribal Dragon from Nikki at Charting Creations. You will see that I have started in the middle. I haven't finished that center page yet, but since it is a take along, or waiting piece, only to be worked when I am waiting it isn't bad progress.

This was progress on it at the time of my last post.
And this is now:

So, not a lot of waiting this time around!
A little stitching on it. This one is two over one full crosses on 18 ct. aida. It is being worked in hand. This aida was a gift in my Secret Santa gift package at Christmas, you may remember it. The top picture is more accurate on the colors of the fabric.

The other picture I have for you is an example of my being very bad indeed. You remember my new start that I am going to have in September? I had planned to work on it three weeks a month? Yes, well. I think I started it in protest against my self imposed stash ban, as I told you last time.
Here is the first pic of White Dragon. A Heaven and Earth Designs chart that was gifted to me from Nikki:
This is a terrible picture, and the flash makes it even worse. This is where I had gotten to at the time of my last post. It really looks quite nice but you could never tell it from this picture.

Anywho, this is how it looks as of this morning.
The shot is a little blurry, but you can definitely see dragon toes forming. This chart is the large print from HAED and that is the actual width of the page. It is being worked on 25ct Lugana, 2 over one, half cross. My last attempt at that went really bad, but it wasn't Lugana, which seems to not be as stretchy as the DMC gridded fabric was, and so works much better for me. So far anyway.

I'm only getting 2 or three days a week to stitch right now, so given that I am pretty happy with my progress.
I accidently fell off the wagon and broke my stash ban. The Halloween issue of a certain cross stitch magazine found its way into my basket when grocery shopping. I simply forgot I was on a ban!
I am back on it now though, which is a drag, because I really want to kit up Kindred Spirits, but I am being good, and won't for now.

As you can see, not a lot of stitching happening, but enough to keep me going for a little while longer.

Until next time Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

I am impressed. For someone not getting a lot of time to stitch you have done more than half a page on White Dragon! Even large print that is a lot of stitches.

The tribal dragon chart is going to be great on that fabric.

Keep up the good work.


Pull the other thread said...

Hope you have recovered from the cold. I agree you have made wonderful progress on both pieces!

Julie said...

Wonderful progress

Mama Dog said...

Thanks ladies. The cold is still going. I hate summer colds. It is encouraging to hear from you when I'm getting so little stitching time, and being forgetful about the blog. It really helps to know someone is looking, makes me want to go stitch!

Stitchy Sam said...

Great progress on all your designs! Glad I found this blog! Xx