Friday, October 16, 2015

Stitching, cross and otherwise

Around the time of my last blog update I was thinking of starting a crazy quilt. One of my reader's had emailed me and we got into an email chat. She was able to introduce me to a number of resources. Unfortunately it also made me realize how out of touch I am with things in that area.

Thankfully one of those resources she introduced me to was TAST (Take a stitch Tuesday). Here is a link to the faq, Pintangle. A perfect inspiration to start practicing my stitches again, with instructions for what I've forgotten or never knew how to do. I also have several embroidery books, so either way I can get the instructions.

Now that the cross stitching world no longer feels like a safe place it is pure pleasure to sit down and practice my stitches. They also have a Facebook group especially for this, practicing a different stich each week, or whatever works for you, and posting a picture. A ton of inspiration on there.

Here is the beginning of mine, weeks 1,2,3 and 11. Possibly another. I forget.

Nothing too fancy, and I would love to do larger samplers, but I am having trouble finding time to fit everything I want to do in.

Since my husband Jason was paying to kit up my birthday chart I allowed him to pick which chart he wanted. I love his choice. It is Small Early Snowfall from Charting Creations. I received a gift certificate to Charting Creations from Nikki for my birthday and that is what I chose. Another gift certificate to 123Stitch had me ordering the pretty cat needlminder you will see in the pictures below of my new start on Early Snowfall.

I couldn't resist starting in the middle!

Until next time Happy Stitching my friends!


Lauren M said...

Great progress on your projects!

sharine said...

Nice progress. Some people need a big reality check in regards to cross stitch but glad to see your still stitching:)

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Lauren and Sharine,
I am not going to dwell on the ugly things that come up, stitching is too much a part of my life, but I am switching gears a little, and trying to enjoy it more.

Julie said...

The embroidery looks beautiful.

Renee said...

Your TAST stitches are lovely and I love the chart you chose from Charting Creations!