Friday, March 4, 2016

Because Stitching Just Aint Happening Right Now, but Stash is!!!

And yes, that is about to drive me crazy. I'm taking a break from it to see if that helps the ongoing problem with my wrist. Of course the wrist doesn't usually hurt when I stitch, just when I'm doing a certain job at work. Well, work isn't going away, and stitching isn't either, so I'm trying to work it out. With any luck the rest will help that problem and I can go back to being my normal stitching self. Meanwhile:
The start of kit week, and since I didn't want to miss the very first one I did a bit more on Celtic Cross, albeit with one hand again. Yes, that means very little progress, but well, what can you do?

Yep, those two pictures loaded up in reverse order, and I've no idea why. I'd already started this, after getting the kit, which you saw last time in this picture.
The kit is from Design Works and is on the nicest 14 ct. aida I've used in literally years. It is a fun easy stitch so far. I'm doing the back stitching as I go along so that I won't just toss it in a drawer to be done 'later'. Yeah, I really don't like doing back stitch. See, I lose track of where it goes and it looks all wonky if I don't work it as I go. I have deep respect for those who finish a massive piece and then go back once the crosses are done and back stitch the whole thing at once. This one is easy back stitch though, and isn't a trial to work at all. So happy I have this kit to start my Kit Week with!

Now on Valentines day my Sweetie and I went back to the fabric store where those kits were on clearance. I had a coupon, compared my favorite 6 charts and chose two of them. When I got to the counter my husband brought the other 4 up. I convinced him to put two of them back (I know right? But I was being all practical.)
This picture actually has one of the charts from before in the picture above. I must have grabbed it up with the others when I went to take the picture. I did not buy it again!
The wolf one is stamped, so we will see how that goes.
I made a tiny start on Kitty Litter, the kittens in a basket one, but I needed to wait and get supplies, baggies and a new ring, so put it aside until then. Which I have done, but now, with limited stitching the next few weeks, I will wait to work on it if I can.

This is what it looked like coming out of the package. I really love the way floss is separated out now. I can remember when it wasn't!
I told you it was a tiny start! I am following directions and began in the center.

I had a whole slew of pictures for you, Hearth of Gold saw a little tiny bit of work, and those I promised you from last time, but there was a glitch of some kind on my phone and they didn't send over to the computer like they usually do. I didn't know that and deleted them. Sigh.

I am anxiously awaiting Celtic Christmas, which should be here any day. I have everything ready for it and am on pins and needles. I kitted up the floss and beads and put everything in bags and on a ring in anticipation.

Next time, I'll share with you my adventures with my new serger! I am taking the Beginning Serger Class on Craftsy, which I will probably refer back to a 100 times, but it is a great class and I'm not nearly so intimidated as I originally was. It will certainly keep me busy on my off days while I'm not stitching very much.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing your stash pics. Even more that you still did your kit week! I hope this break helps you to feel better.


Anonymous said...

Awesome that you did your kit week! I've got arthritis myself and limit my stitching, so I'm getting a lot less done than you are, but it is still fun. Keep at it!


Lily Allen said...

great keep at it!Thanks
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