Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bees! Or the lack thereof!

Well, I haven't gotten round to taking a pic of the progress on Basilisk, I have been otherwise occupied.  Finally, three years after the bees moved into our home, they are gone!  Happy Dance!  DH got a few pics while the work was going on and I thought I'd post a few to show everyone how it is going.  These two are actually honey combs.
 That is honeycomb on the plastic on the floor as well.

It is a huge job, as is rushing around to get things covered before the rain storms that are predicted come in tonight.
Advice, if you ever notice Bee's occupying your home take care of them as soon as you can.
For us we had to wait until we could save up and then just got a lucky break or they would still be there.  Months of work ahead as well, and hopefully I'll remember to update everyone as we go along.

Can you believe this used to be my sewing room?


Louanne said...

Holy cow! Could you hear then in the walls? I would imagine so! Oh man, my skin is crawling. How could you stand it???? So glad for you that they're gone now.

Mama Dog said...

Louanne, sorry to be so slow to answer your question. We could often hear them buzzing in the wall before we stopped using the room. The skin crawling factor was high. It is just such a relief!