Monday, March 19, 2012

Frogging, stitching and a skirt.

Mini Soul Mates didn't see as much progress as I'd have liked last week. There were a few days that saw no stitching at all, and one that saw me frogging much of what I had stitched the night before. Still, any progress is good progress so here is a couple of pics.

Not exactly stellar but not too bad for a week that saw a blow out, (second tire to be replaced in 4 days), a virus and Dr's visit for said virus, and then getting caught in a mini flash flood on my way to work due to the heavy rains. So, overall, I'm happy with the progress after all.

On the sewing front, hmm, I decided on Saturday to make a simple little elastic waist-ed skirt. Nothing to it, I used to do this all the time. Hour, hour and a half tops.  Ha.

The trouble started when I decided I wanted pockets in my nice cotton skirt. I figured, I won't have to carry my purse and it will be more comfy when it is 90 to 100 degrees this summer. I picked out Butterick 5336 thinking I'd use the skirt since it has nice deep pockets and I hated for the pattern to be a total waste since the reviews for the jacket (which I originally bought the pattern for) were not very good.

It looked like I had hams attached to me under the skirt! So I took out the pockets and re-sewed, now it was just, you know, poufy. Really poufy. So I took off an inch on either side of the waist and finally was satisfied with the skirt. I actually like it a lot. Here is a picture from the back.

Ok, the blouse is much too long, but I just threw it on to take a pic. Ignore the construction debris, ladder, and general mess. That thing hanging from the door knob was a blouse I made a year or two ago that came out about 6 sizes too big. I cut it up one day and sewed elastic to the bottom to make something to hold my plastic grocery sacks. Took about 5 minutes. And looks it.

Back to the skirt. It is comfy and cool, I love the fabric which you can't see well in this pic so I will try to get another of the fabric up soon. It is one of only two pieces I've bought this year. My pic from the front is even worse so I'll re-do that if I don't forget. The length is perfect, exactly where I wanted it to fall. I'd show construction details but there isn't anything special. Straight seams, half-inch folded hem, zig-zag the seams so they won't ravel. It didn't even need a lining, though I may add one just for comfort.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see your still working on mini-soulmates. I can't wait to see your progress on this one as it comes along.

The skirt looks very nice. I'd forgotten you sometimes sew too, I guess I think all any of us do is stitch. lol.


Anonymous said...

You get a good idea of the fabric if you click on the pic to enlarge.

If I keep looking at this pattern and all the stitching I'm going to end up learning to cross stitch and I just don't have time for that. lol.