Friday, November 23, 2012

A proper Thank You to Sharine

As I mentioned, Sharine from Charbella has awarded me a Leibster Award.

Here are the rules:
You must thank the person who awarded it to you, paste the Liebster Award on your blog, pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave them each a comment on their blogs letting them know the good news!

These are my choices. They are not in any particular order.

Stitching Cats
Family Business
Nothing but Cross Stitch
Intricate Stitches

These are all really fun blogs that I think you will enjoy.

In other news, I will be stitching  QS Mystic Garden in the HAED 2013 SAL. It was a really difficult decision this time around as all the choices were tempting, and there were 3 that I needed to stitch. I had told DH that if the tigers were there I'd definitely join the SAL and they were so. There are so many people this year and I really can't wait to see the wip's.

Now I'm off to figure out how to paste the Leibster Award on here.

Happy Stitching everyone.


Unknown said...

Thank you Karen... I am blessed as you picked my blog... WOW.

I loved mystic tigers too, but i picked Theatre of the Absurd. Looking forward to your WIP pictures

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, Karen

Mama Dog said...

Melinda, it was so hard to choose this year! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the works, there are so many people taking part.

To both of you, I picked the 5 blogs I most enjoy, so you both deserve it. I love when I see you guys have a new post.