Saturday, November 3, 2012

A quick floss and assorted junk post

I can't believe it but my order from 123 stitch was in my mailbox this evening! I e-mailed them on Wed. morning. Got a confirmation, then a notice that they had sent the order on Thursday. I was expecting it would arrive next Tues. or Wed. so I was thrilled that it was here on Sat. I can't thank Stitching Sister enough. Some people are so kind and seem to know just when to pass that kindness along to others.
On the same subject, this was my first time ordering from 123 Stitch and I was very pleased with their service.
Quite a few people have bought the mini Eternal Promise so I'm in good company and can't wait to see others stitching it up.
It's been a badly stressful week, ending with yet another flare-up, but I am still able to stitch a little so it is all good. A few hours of work tomorrow and hopefully some stitching after that.
My eyes are a little better, but I've cheated a few times and gone on the net away from work. Still, the headache is gone most of the time so I guess I will have to permanently cut back on my web and net stuff. More reading and stitching time. I'm usually in bed by now but my hours are all off from broken sleeping and will try again soon.

Happy Weekend  Stitching everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Karen,

I'm so glad your floss got there so quickly -- Joanne (the owner of 123 Stitch) is one of the very best on the web. I just put in a large floss order with her tonight (she's gonna kill me, I just know it, LOL!) because even though I have a Michael's craft store about 10 miles away, the manager is *very* anti-needlework and as such, the DMC display hardly gets replenished so it never has all the colors I need anyway. So I just order from 123 now.

And that's funny that this was your first time ordering from 123 -- I've been ordering from there for years, but it was the first time I had ever sent a gift certificate from them, LOL!! (I wasn't even sure if I was doing it right, but thankfully Joanne figured it out.) So I guess there is a first time for everything!

I hope you are feeling better, my friend. :)

Love, a friend (as well as a certain canine friend of yours who is *insisting* I send you her love as well)

Mama Dog said...

I just knew your canine friend was a part of all this! Give her hugs and lovies from me.
I am lucky that our local hobby lobby is dmc friendly, but they don't have every color. Aside from which I had simply run out of money and was going to have to wait until at least my next pay period, or possibly the one after, to finish my floss buying.
I will feel better, it is simply a matter of waiting for the inflammation to subside and moving carefully until then. I suppose I did let the stress get to me a bit and it usually brings on a flare-up, but also had me a little blue. TMI probably.

I will not be able to resist a few more stitches on Mini Eternal promise today. I snuck a few in last night.

Hugs and love to you both, and thank you for the wonderful gift. It feels like Christmas already around here.

Emma/Itzy said...

I too bought mini eternal promise on Friday. But for the moment it is a fair way down the to do list - I have too many already so I need to work on those first.

I hope you are feeling a little better and enjoy your stitching time.

Mama Dog said...

Emma, I know what you mean, the charts I have to put off for 'one day' is growing, thanks mostly to my stitching friends! I've gotten out of hand with new starts this year (for the first time) and hope I will have more self-control in the coming year when it comes to new starts. I have so many wonderful things I'm stitching now and they need attention.

Have finished with work and the grocery, and moving around has worked some of the soreness out. Will have some lunch and then, hopefully, an hour or two of stitching.