Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm pretty excited to have finished SK Dragon Soul. Especially since my stitching mojo has gone AWOL a few times in the last week or two.

Here is a picture.

 I have since washed it and just begun the drying process. I can tell you that I won't use pencil again since not all of the grid marks came out. This is odd since I have used pencil before with no problem. I will have to wait for the drying and pressing to see if it removed the page line. So not perfect but it is my first HAED finish and I'm pleased with myself. It was a nice treat amidst all of the resume writing and job hunting while still working at my present job until my layoff kicks in at the end of the month.

Another nice thing, HAED 2013 SAL supply sheet arrived today so I can hopefully begin pulling threads tonight or tomorrow night.

Yet another cheerful thought today. A post on FB reminded of the HAED Rewards program, which begins Dec. 30th. Since I actually bought this chart and it wasn't an RAK, I think I will be eligible. That will be exciting and fun if I am. It makes me want to go and look at QS patterns. lol.

I'm pretty tired and my back is hurting a bit because I picked up something too heavy for me yesterday so I doubt there will be stitching tonight. Seems like a good time to day dream though.

Happy stitching this week everyone!


sharine said...

I love your finish!

Pull the other thread said...

Beautiful finish, well done on your first completed HAED. I am feeling a bit nervous now about my own grid lines which I used a fabric marker for. Lets hope they come out when washed :P

The Crafty Princess said...

YAY!!! Congratulations on your first HAED finish. I'm truly happy for you. She looks beautiful.

I use a air or water erasable pens to grid my fabric. It doesn't damage the threads or the fabric and the marks usually disappear in 48 hours. On some of the hand dyed fabric they won't disappear until you wet the fabric.

I wouldn't use pencil as the lead might damage the fabric and thread in the future.

I hope your back feels better soon you poor thing.
Enjoy picking the next chart I can't wait to see what you pick as your reward. Have fun!

Kate said...

Congratulations!!! Stunning!! My trick for gridding HAEDs is water soluble quilting markers, and for the hand-dyed fabric one I use ordinary black sewing thread and stitch over it, I dont havta worry about taking it back out at the end cuz it's thin & inconspicuous

Mama Dog said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone.
I switched to the quilting pen some time ago so hopefully that will be alright. I used it on Chery's memorial bouquet and it worked just fine.
I'm still cautious though because I quite clearly remember the quilting lines that only faded to an ugly pale yellow brown. I think because it gets so hot here and most of this house isn't air conditioned.
Oddly, I gridded by page and apparently used 2 different pencils since one half (the second side) washed out perfectly.
I still love the piece and I couldn't wait to go and figure out how to put a HAED finisher tag on my signature on the bulletin board.
BTW, my back is much better, it was just sore and wanted some babying.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the finish. I know you are looking forward to your next B&W start. Have you made a final decision? Don't you just hate having to choose?

Julie said...

Wonderful finish, congratulations.

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Julie. Ended up home from work today because my back kicked up in the middle of the night. I hate being home and not being able to stitch.

Update: The page-line came right out of QS Dragon Soul with the wash, even before pressing, so that is bright spot.