Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy News and Stitching

I've had the happy experience of being hired to a job I very much wanted! Super excited about that and will begin training at the end of May.

Oh, and I have a used car to drive again, and hopefully that will go well.

In not so bright news my dryer finally died. It had been ill for some time.
I've decided to wait until I begin work to get another so it is clothes line time for me again. At least it isn't winter this time.

After a few days of it I knew I needed a better way to carry the clothes pins with me so I made myself a clothes pin apron out of an old pair of scrubs.

It isn't very pretty but I whipped this thing together super fast. I took an old pair of scrub pants with an elasticized waist and cut them off. I cut them down the back and stuck some bias tape on for ties and then just folded under a seam and stitched it all down all the way around. The pockets are full of pins in this pic and it works perfectly since I've been using it these last couple of days. Maybe I'll add a big pocket to the front that I can reach from either side but it really isn't needed. Very happy with this one!

On the stitching front, my new order of stitching seems to be agreeing with me.
Here is All Dogs go to Heaven after a few more stitches of blue.

And here is one of the kits I got back in Feb.

They are really sweet and I'm enjoying them even though I'm not fond of back-stitching.

Now my Mystic Garden BB SAL should be further along, but it was slowed even more when I had to frog part of what I'd stitched on it. Here it is all stitched back up and I am pleased to say I am finally half way through the first page.

There is a little progress.

Now does anyone remember my Mini Eternal Promise? I was supposed to give it one weekend per month, but then my stitching just went south. Well now that it is back I gave Eternal Promise its 2 days. I didn't take a picture to share with you because there just isn't that much to see.
I also put a very few stitches into Mini Cheshire Cat, but again, there isn't much to see so no pic yet.

I hope you are all enjoying your stitching. I'm trying to find time to make the most of mine before I return to working full time.

Happy Stitching Everyone!


sharine said...

Beautiful stitching and good luck at your new job:)

Pull the other thread said...

Well done on the job. Love your stitching. Lots of progress. Looking forward to seeing the ones you are keeping hidden :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the job! Good Luck.
Love the apron Karen. I need one of those for hanging out bed linens. As is I just pin them all to me and carry out one quilt or sheet at a time. But they smell so nice so I keep doing it. Would not want to be without my dryer for everything else though.


Cath said...

Congratulations and good luck with the new job. Hope it works out well for you.
Great progress. XXX

Miamina said...

Great news about the the job, I hope you really enjoy it :)

Great work on the apron, I'm useless when it comes to being creative like that, so it's super impressive to me!

Great work on the stitching, looking forward to seeing the other WIP's when you get a bit more done :)

Julie said...

Congrats on securing the new job.

Mama Dog said...

Wow on the comments! Thanks everyone for the good wishes for the job. I am pretty excited.

I'm hoping I'll be good and add a few more stitches to my little projects to make them worth taking pictures of soon.

Miamina, I love to cobble things together, I always feel so resourceful when things like the apron work out and I don't have to spend money! But I can't claim credit for creativity too much since I remember my grandmother having an apron that was especially made for pins and that is what inspired me. Still proud as can be though that it worked.

Thanks Cath. I am happy I've settled down and have some progress to show.

Mama Dog said...

Cath, just took a quick peek at your blog. Love it. And now I must have the French Country Ornaments!

Deb said...

Funny. My SIL bought the same little birdie kit and then found out it was not a stamped piece. Mystic Garden looks great, inspite of the frogging. Gotta love Ciro Marchetti's art!

Mama Dog said...

Deb, the bird is just a little cross stitch kit. Pretty basic but sweet. Did your SIL stitch the piece?
I love the Ciro Marchetti pieces. I have his Tree of Life started but all the threads were accidentally returned to the system and it must be re-kitted again.
Mystic Garden is looking better than I'd expected after the frogging. I'm hoping to get some time for it later this week.