Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer Update!

But not much in the way of stitching!
I hurt my wrist and arm shortly after my last post. It is nothing bad or serious but has taken a little time to start to feel better.
I began my new job full time on Monday and was in training for the two weeks before that so there would have been little stitching anyway. I am happy to say I'm feeling better now and will hopefully have a more interesting update about stitchy things soon.
I plan to work on my new kit that I showed you in my last post. Hopefully I'll do some stitching on the 2013 HAED SAL since I am feeling it needs the attention. I also plan to begin Fantasy Blue. After that we will see. I have too many WIP's and I don't know what will come back.
Meanwhile I've been enjoying everyone's WIP pics on the HAED BB, on Facebook and on their blogs. If you haven't checked out my links you've been missing out!

Happy First Day of Summer!


sharine said...

We just started winter over here. Good luck in your job:)

Anonymous said...

Things will settle down. Until then you can organize and day dream. And come back fresh.


Mama Dog said...

Thanks for the good wishes Sharine. We have been in the mid 90's all last week and probably will be until late Sept. but it is still nice to have summer.

Jess, I know your right but I miss stitching and I always feel as if I should have some progress, which is just silly. It is my hobby after all and not a job.

Unknown said...

Thinking of you and Fingers Crossed for good wishes your way

Mama Dog said...

Thank you Melinda. It really does help to know that people are there who care.