Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Stitch At A Time

Though sometimes it feels like one stitch a week lately.
Here is the Blue and White sampler last time :
And this time:

Other than that I don't have very much to show.

I have gotten a few things done, but they don't make for much in the way of blog posts.
I've been playing with my sewing machines, figuring out the perfect quarter inch mark on both, and playing with some invisible thread in them, in preparation for learning some machine applique techniques.
I haven't done that more than once, many years ago, and that on the old Memory Craft 6000, and without invisible thread. I can tell you that both the quarter stitch and the applique was almost intuitive on that machine and is definitely not on the ones I have now. I will probably never stop missing that machine.

I've got a terrible urge for a new start for a couple of weeks now, which is crazy given how slowly I stitch and that I have so little time for it at the moment, but there it is. And the quilting bug has finally bitten again, as I told you recently, and hasn't gone away at all. If anything I've the urge has gotten worse.  I'll have to wait and see how that goes. I did cut a few pieces out today towards a wall hanging, but it will be awhile before I have time to dedicate to it.

Until next time
Happy stitching my friends!


sharine said...

Very pretty stitching. I don't the urge for a new start ever goes away lol:)

Pull the other thread said...

Beautiful stitching. I have felt that pull of the new start as well. It can be so difficult to resist that particular urge!

Julie said...

It's growing well, the people look so sweet.

Mama Dog said...

Thanks everyone. I'm resisting for the moment. Probably at least until the blue and white is done. After that I make no promises!
Julie, I love the old fashioned look of them, they seem sweet to me too.

Unknown said...

I love your Blue and White Sampler. It has the best colors and it looks great.

EvalinaMaria said...

Your sampler looks lovely, I think I must find that chart.

As for the urge to start something new - GO FOR IT!!!

Mama Dog said...

I love those delft colors too Melinda.

EvalinaMaria, the chart is from 1980's needlework magazine. I'll check on it for you. I can always send it to you when I've finished. Though I warn you in advance it has lived in a home with smokers all these years, is faded and a bit yellowed and has been sniffed by 3 dogs and sat on a time or two by them when they wanted attention.