Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time Keeps Slipping Away. . .

And it seems there is never enough to do all the things I want to.
Since my last post I've accomplished so little that I'm not sure it is worth updating. I've even thought of breaking the 'no stitching when your tired' rule. It is only fear of the dreaded frog that has stopped me.
Here is the total of my stitching progress this time.
And After:

I know I'll see more progress when the weather warms. My stitching area isn't heated and I've been keeping this one in the living room or it probably would have had no progress either. It gets grubby, even though I keep it in a tote. I wash my hands before I start, but dogs have no such worries and paws and noses don't care about such things.

So how is everyone else doing? Do you stitch more in the winter or less? I'm aching to piece a quilt right now and I'm thinking of experimenting with machine piecing. Also considering trying my hand at a mini quilt.
I can't help laughing at myself. I make plans for all of these projects when I'm busy doing the other stuff life demands. Now I just need a bit of time!

Until next time, Happy Stitching Ya'll!


EvalinaMaria said...

Looks lovely and , you know, every stitch counts!

Anonymous said...

I love this blue and white. Don't feel discouraged. My crafting space is unheated to. I get very little done in winter.


Emma/Itzy said...

Looks like great progress to me! Like you I seem to not have enough time lately. I'm hoping things will improve soon! x

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Tami, I'm really looking forward to warmer weather.
Emma, I'm hoping you will get more time soon. Everything changes with time right?

Julie said...

Such a pretty piece, its looking lovely