Friday, October 10, 2014

A New Floor Stand and Way too much Stitchy Goodness (Picture Heavy Post Here)

Well, I've let the time slide by since my last blog update. I've been working and then there is life in general, but fear not, there is lots of stitchy excitement going on around here.
First up, for my birthday in September my husband made me a floor stand. He looked at the two I've had in the past that were pretty much unusable for any large projects, watched some you tube video's of what others have made, and just studied stands in general. He popped this together really quickly, and while he complains that it isn't nice enough, that he will make another, that he is no get the idea. The stand is fabulous and works like a dream! Silly man. I can fit my largest frame on there with no hint of instability or tipping. Love, love, love it.
I added the butterfly's, and later he added a couple of hooks. It has seen heavy use already and is just wonderful to use.
But that was not the end of the birthday fun!
A big thank you to Christy for gifting me QS Winter Rose, a Heaven and Earth Designs chart. I have had the full sized chart on and off my wish list and when the QS came out it was love at first sight. The artwork is by Kinuko Y. Craft. I loved the book that this was used as the cover illustration on and just knew I had to have it when it came out in a QS!
Isn't she a gorgeous beauty? Don't you just love the owl and the rose and the way the branches are growing and part of her gown?
Now, unless you have been hibernating under a rock, or don't shop Heaven and Earth Designs patterns, you have probably heard that Nene Thomas charts will no longer be available after October 15. The artist has her reasons I'm sure, and when there was trouble with the HAED website she graciously extended that time to the 15th so all of her fans would have a chance to buy up their favorites. There was a sale on at the time and I think the site got overwhelmed with people trying to get her charts.

When the fuss died down I went on to the site and sneaked a couple of charts onto my wishlist, I wanted to consider which one I would buy. Funds were low so it would only be one and this required thought. But we took Sam to the vet(which my lovely friends did not know) and I made the decision not to buy any of them. Then the mad enablers from my favorite Facebook group got involved! The word Doom comes to mind for some reason.
Nikki began the morning by gifting me Astranaithes. Yes, the full sized, not the mini, which I had put on my wish list. It has been on there before and taken off, and put on, and taken off....You get the idea. Nikki was so sweet and thoughtful, she even thought to send me the large print version! My goodness, I love this chart!
I was knocked out, and bubbling over with enthusiasm I think. I'm almost embarrassed now to remember it, but I have loved this one for a long time and they are stitchers in that group, so they get it.
But then:

Ashleigh had to do it! You can probably see why I fell in love with these two. QS Emerald Hawthorne actually came minutes after QS Whispers, I don't know why the pics are reversed, but I can work with that. She has the murky sky like background, the gorgeous lace sleeves, the roses, the amazing peacock, and all in the most amazing colors! QS Whispers has it all in another way, subtle and subdued, the wings, the gorgeous dress, the misty background. Ashleigh, Queen of enablers, thank you so very much.
Both also in large print!
The thoughtfulness that went into these lovely gifts had me all teared up. It is lovely to know that a friend is thinking of you, that they went to the trouble to find your favorite charts and took the care to send them large format because your vision has changed and it will help you.
I'm sorry, did you think I was finished?
Having been the recipient of such bounty I confessed in our little group that I'd decided not to by a chart at all, due to the vet and just not having the money to spend. I only mentioned it as I was thanking them for their lovely gifts, so that they would know their thoughtfulness had even more meaning for me than they might have otherwise done.
So Angela and Charlie the cocker spaniel sent me Mini Wings in repose. It seems Charlie has had a lot of vet visits lately too, and his Mom sent me this in harmony. Many thanks to Angela and Charlie, I hope you continue to feel better Charlie!
This is one of those charts that sneak up on you. I liked it the first time I saw it, and each time I see it I like it more. The classic misty background, the lovely bird and it's reflection on the water, the foliage and branches all around and the lights. It is just a beautiful subtle piece of art  both still and full of motion.
Hmm, I should update with a wip picture. Here is Mini the Black, still only seeing bits of work when I am able, and still only working the black for the moment.
I've nearly finished the page of black! Very excited about that.
I'll update Anal Nathrach and whatever else I am working on next time.
I've been doing the HAED BB SAL's again the past 2 or 3 weeks and I find it very motivating.
Until next time
Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...

Wow!!It is great you have such a caring stitching group on Facebook. Mine seems to explode into all out war every other week...Love your progress on The Black, and great charts. I assume a new start in the coming months?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to your husband for building such a great stand. Lovely gifts you've had. I can't imagine how you will decide which to start and which has to wait!


Miamina said...

That stand is beautiful, I wish my hubby was as creative as yours, the only thing that mine builds is computers...although that does come in handy every few years :P

I'm glad that we were all able to help make you smile a bit! It really sucks when charts are being retired and you just can't get the money together to buy 1 let alone the truck load that you actually want! I've been there myself, so when I am able to help someone out I do try to :)

P.S. Charlie is still doing well at present thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I mean just WOW! That stand blows me away. I think with some help from my brother I could probably build one for myself and save a bundle. Do you know how much he spent to build it? I don't want to embarrass you or anything, I've just been looking for a long time now and I just can't afford the 150 to 300 dollars I've seen on the ones I think might actually work for me.
Beautiful charts, from even more beautiful friends.
Barbara Jean

Ruth said...

Wow -- a standing ovation for your awesome husband. Bless his stitch-supporting heart! Congrats on all the other stitching goodies. I have to say that I know myself well enough to know that I can never tackle a HAED chart-- nope not this girl. I think as slow as I stitch and as distracted as I get, I will happily settle for buying Nene's paintings :)