Monday, November 3, 2014

Progress, Problems and Winter

It seems like a good time to show you my progress.
First is Mini The Black. I am stitching this one between calls late at night when I am working, so I only am stitching the black for now to cut down on confusion. The goal is 100 stitches per work night and I usually make that, though there has been 2 or 3 times when I didn't. It seems to work out though because on a Holiday I worked I got in closer to 300. Anywho, as of 11/01/2014:
A nice bit of progress, now 9.5% worked, so very pleased here.

I also spent some quality time with Mini Cheshire Cat. First with the HAED BB SAL, then continued on with it for a Halloween SAL with my Facebook stitchy friends.
I am falling so in love with this piece again.
It happens every time with a black and white piece.
Oh! I forgot to tell you about the QSnaps! I tried them about a month ago and fell in love. I also love that I can sew huggies/grime guards for them, it just makes it more fun for me.
It was great. I was lucky enough to have just enough money left from another purchase to get these(11X17) at 123Stitch. I loved them instantly but wanted to extend the size for some of my larger projects. My great job sent me a 10 dollar gift the very next day and I applied it to ordering the 3 inch expansions. I want to get an 8" by 8" for smaller things. Just love them.

I got a little holiday happy and decided to begin my Dimensions Christmas Village Ornaments kit. Here is a link to an example of it on
Here is also where the problem came in. The kit is well put together and the floss separated, but the cloth was so tight I could hardly stitch on it! Not too stiff mind you, but the holes too small for the 4 thread half stitches and the 3 thread half stitches. I was in real pain after only 30 minutes of stitching, and had to use a rubber disc to get the needle through the fabric for every stitch.

Dear Lesli took pity on me and sent me a great piece of 18 count to replace it. Thanks Lesli! It was stitching up just lovely when I realized I was one row off and had to frog lots, so no picture today.

The other problem, some creep got our debit information and made 3 withdrawals so we are spending the weekend even more broke than we would have been. Life happens, I just wish it would happen when we weren't already cutting things so close.

The cold weather seems to have arrived with Halloween. I do not like winter. I want to hibernate!

Anal Nathrach is hopefully going to be worked on this week, along with those ornaments, so hopefully there will be progress to be shown next time.

Happy Stitching Everyone


Pull the other thread said...

Lots of really great stitching. So sorry to hear that some nasty person did that to you! That's just horrible. Hope there is some way you can get it back.

Elisa said...

what a beautiful work!

Miamina said...

You are making great progress on your projects, well done!

Sorry you had a few problem with the ornaments, bt pleased that Lesli was able to help you out!

Sorry about the banking problems, I hope it's sorted out very soon. it's about time you are due some good things!