Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving, Making Plans, and Stitching

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it. I hope you are having/have had a lovely day.
Ours has been quiet but enjoyable. I'm sleepy but I need to stay awake, it is only 7pm! A perfect time to catch up this blog.
I've had a problem with my right shoulder/upper arm for about 6 weeks-2months, it has not affected my stitching at all but then I pulled something in my right upper back shoulder area and wasn't able to stitch for about a week. It is better now but I'm still not stitching as much, just sort of building back up to it.
I also changed my hours at work and I'm loving it by it does take a lot more out of me and impact my stitching time, so I'm still working that out.
But enough prelude.
I manged a bit more on Mini The Black, but found an error on a previously stitched section. It doesn't look to be too bad but I've been procrastinating fixing it for a week or two. I won't post the progress since it was minimal.
Mini Cheshire Cat saw some progress though. I do love working on this one.
It is only another row of 10 down, but I'm pleased to have progress to show.
I had intended to give the lions share of my time to the first page of Anal Nathrach, but it didn't work out that way. I've gone full circle on it and worked my way back to the upper right so that I can work across from right to left, which I find is more comfortable for me.
As you can see I've tried different methods and the left to right is the one I've decided on. I do love the colors in this one.

My secret Santa gift was put in the mail this week. I got the gift from my SS a couple of days ago and it is a whopping big box, can't wait to get in there and see what goodies await me!
I decided to wait until Thanksgiving was over to work on my Christmas ornament kit. I just wanted to do one holiday at a time!
I'm already busily making plans for next year's stitching.
I've joined a SAL that will start in January and my DH has finally picked a stocking pattern, so I'll work on that throughout 2015 and hopefully have that finished by next Christmas.
I've been thinking hard about my 2015 stitching, if you read this blog you already know that I've tried several rotation ideas, with only one of them being really successful. I'm not sure I want to go that route again.
There are a number of kits I have that I want to do, and most are already started, so I'm tentatively planning to give them at least one week a month. I want to work on the sal and start my husbands stocking, those are the only two new starts I'm planning for the first 3 months of next year.
Not only because funds for fabric is limited, but because I want to make a little progress on some of my wips. And frankly, I have too many beautiful charts to choose from and am feeling too indecisive to decide on one.
There is a dark horse in the running, so to speak, for a new start next year. I've been longing to work either a sampler type or a blackwork(I only learned it this year, see my first try here) piece, contingent on finding the right fabric. That will have to wait though, until I can afford something nice to work it on.
It just isn't possible to stitch all of the lovely charts I'd like to stitch, so I'm hoping to be practical and work through some of what I've started before I plunge into anything other than those I've already mentioned.
What about you? Have you begun making plans for 2015? Are you hankering to try something new, have tons of new starts, work towards what you've already got going? I love seeing what others are working on and hearing about their plans. It is very inspiring sometimes to just look at what others are doing and share their excitement.
Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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Unknown said...

Both pieces are looking fab but I hope The Black doesn't take too much fixing as I love that piece! xx