Monday, February 16, 2015

Hi Stitchers, a quick post to prove I'm still in the Land of the Living!

With so much snow and ice these past two weeks I know lots of stitchers who have gotten extra stitchy time. I haven't myself since I work from home anyway, but it has been fun seeing what everyone is doing and admiring all of the progress being made.

On the stitchy front, still slowed to a crawl with my shoulder, but there is light on the horizon. I started physical therapy for Frozen Shoulder and have high hopes for later this year.

As is, I've had little progress so not much to show in that area.


I had put this on my wish list at HAED when later that day someone in my stitchy group on Facebook did a contest and I won! It was fun and silly, we had to guess what time she would get home from her commute during this nasty weather and who ever guessed closest won a free chart! This was a lot of fun. I've fallen quite in love with this artist and the charts available. This is available here.It is Kayomi Harai, this chart being Four Heavenly Beasts. There are some stunning dragons too, they are on my wish list as well. Why not? I've already got more projects than I will ever finish!

In truth I have picked some of my very favorite charts and numbered them. I was going to run them through a random number generator to pick my new start for this year. Since that won't be until the end of September I have a little time! Meanwhile, it was pointed out to me that I shouldn't choose too soon since I may buy or receive something I want to add to the list! I like her thinking! So the random generator will be done soon, so that I have lots of time to kit up, but not too soon!

I will update with pics next time, of whatever progress I will be/have made.
Until then, Happy Stitching!


Julie said...

I hope the therapy helps and you are soon feeling in much less pain.

Mama Dog said...

Thank you Julie for the good wishes, I am progressing. It is just so slow.

Miamina said...

Gorgeous chart!

I hope that the therapy helps with your shoulder. It sucks when you are desperate to stitch and are unable to.

I find choosing what to kit up next a really hard choice! There are around 50 charts on my "next up" pile and it keeps being added too!

Hope that the pain eases soon x

Rachel said...

Beautiful new chart. It sounds like you've got a lot of charts to choose from for your next WIP. Any chance of putting a Stash Page on your blog so that we can drool over your choices? :)

Mama Dog said...

Thank you, it is fun, and frustrating, when it comes to choosing. A stash page sound like a good idea, I'll have to see about organizing that Rachel.

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