Monday, April 30, 2012

Having to Restart

Is not fun, but at least it is only half a page of stitching.
I'm referring to Mini-Soul Mates, shown below. I had put a few more stitches in when I realized that I had not correctly measured the width of the fabric. I generally allow 3 inches all the way around for framing, but only allowed 3 inches total but thought I added the entire 6 inches. Sigh. There was plenty of room top and bottom but not enough side to side.

I re-started yesterday and got about 200 stitches in. I could have left a row off but I would never have been content with that and would have thought about it every time I worked on it. Here is a reminder of what it will look like when finished.
Have a great week.


Unknown said...

I have measured wrong before - ugh, I applaud you for restarting. It will be twice as wonderful when completed.

Mama Dog said...

Thank you Melinda, I appreciate your saying so. I've decided to stitch across in 10 column rows, starting from the right instead of the left, instead of by the page so it will take a bit longer for the details to emerge but so far I am enjoying it.