Friday, April 20, 2012

Surprises are the Best Fun

And can really lift your day.

This lovely chart was a gift from Liz aka Radidragon over on the HAED bulletin board.

Isn't it the loveliest thing?

It is available here

Now I have to tell you that I don't go around requesting RAK's, even though it must seem like it since I've posted about them before. On the other hand I'm certainly not going to pass one up! It is simply a matter of how really warm and wonderful the people on the HAED bulletin boards are.

The people over there are great, and great enablers, and it is just wonderful to be a part of a group of such fun, caring people.

I will do a better update when I have more time. Until then check out the other great stitchy blogs listed on the side bar (and trust me, no, this is not all of the ones I keep track of, I just haven't gotten them all up there yet, same for sewing). Hope you have a wonderful week-end.


Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful chart and must agree, HAED is like family...

Anonymous said...

This really is a beauty of a chart, I hope you start this one soon. And the Needle-Maiden too. LOL.

Mama Dog said...

The HAED bulletin board is filled with such lovely people, truly a unique 'place'.

Mama Dog said...

I long to start them both, and have made a start on Needle Maiden. I really needed a lift so I started it.

Ironically, The Tree of Life came the next morning and really completed the lift, but I don't think I can make a start only because I don't think I have a piece of fabric large enough and we just can't spend any extra right now. I can't wait though!