Saturday, October 6, 2012

After 6 days of rotation plus random thoughts

I'm feeling pretty good about starting it back up. On the other hand I can hear mini Soul Mates calling to me and it is not her turn.

I've just realized I forgot to take a pic of my blue and white sampler after it had a Mon. through Wed. rotation. I will do that later and for now just update on QS Dragon Soul. She is coming along really well. Here she is after today, I doubt I will stitch on her any more this evening but I suppose it is possible.

She has become a lot of fun to stitch again but after three days I am growing bored with the white, which usually happens. I love color.

Lately I keep having a strong desire to keep stitching whatever I'm stitching. But when  I switch I feel the same about the next one so it is all good.

I am very much wishing I had an all out Halloween chart to stitch, but I'm hoping that will pass after the holiday. Not sure though because I love Halloween stuff for some reason. I've been looking around for a chart, but they aren't easy to find if you are looking for something really detailed. I think I would just not be satisfied with a tiny boo and pumpkin thing right now. That usually works for Christmas, just stitch an ornament with a snowman, wreath or santa and I'm good. Oh well, just random thoughts on a very chilly and rainy Saturday evening.

I've been looking through my charts and I seriously don't know, other than The Black, what I will kit up next. I thought it would be  Eternal Promise, but that is going to be very expensive. Also, before the budget became a nightmare 2 years ago I had bought a couple of patterns. Anal Nathrac, A Gift for the Unicorn King and SK Lost melody.  Anal Nathrac has to be restarted at some point because I simply love the dragons and all of the colors, but it is unkitted and will have to be redone. Unicorn King I had planned to only stitch the top right quarter on. Since then I've been given lovely gifts, and as you've seen, I've started many of them. But there is still some to think about (Pals, mini Ariadne, Day/Night etc.) as well as some charts that are freebies from the freebie SAL's I took part in with HAED. And old and newer freebies from the HAED site. I should do some links but tonight I'm just rambling and letting you all know what I'm thinking about as regards future kitting up and stitching. Oh, and there is SK Magical Arrival, which I let DH have and he stopped working on. It is possible I will beg it back from him and work on that since I like so well.

That's all for now.
Happy Stitching everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great progress!

sharine said...

Very nice progress. Can't wait to see what you choose next:)

Unknown said...

She's looking lovely!