Monday, October 1, 2012

Excited update

I was going to wait until I had some pics to show from starting my new rotation today but I just had to share with all my friends.

Teresa sent me this as a birthday present. It is mini The Black.

I received him after my last blog post. I was so excited. What a great birthday present! He will be started just as soon as I finish my present black and white QS Dragon Soul. Special thanks to Teresa, not only for the gift, but for making my birthday feel special.

I saw a finished pic. of him on facebook recently and added him to my wishlist.
At present he is the only chart I know I will start next, as I've reconsidered Eternal Promise. I have too many options at the moment to know what I want to kit up next. Long story, and I will go into that another time as I'm tuckered out from work and need to start working on my new rotation tonight.

Happy stitching this week everyone.

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