Monday, September 16, 2013

Feels like Autumn Stitching

A little stitch here, a little stitch there and slowly you start to see progress.
Well, that is the theory anyway.

The weather feels wonderful here right now. Not too cool and not too warm. The puppies are loving it and so am I. This is my favorite time of year I think. I'm not a winter loving girl but I do love the opening show for it.

I have been working stitching into my schedule when I can.
First up is QS Mystic Garden from the HAED BB SAL. Warning! Not a lot of progress but enough to make me feel as if I worked on it.


And After:

Enough to satisfy for the moment.

I also pulled out my Blue and White Sampler yesterday. You may remember that I mentioned getting this one half way finished many years ago and then it was lost in a move or something so I re-started. And then didn't touch it again for months. Sigh.
So before:
And after:

I really do love this one so hopefully it will see more time in the near future.

The 25 ct. experiments continue and I am trying to give it a good chance with half cross 2 over one. It can be a challenge for eyes that will be 50 years old in two weeks! I was diagnosed with tiny cataracts in both eyes in January of this year so I am pleasantly surprised to be able to work this count at all. I forgot to take a picture of that so next time I will try to remember. There isn't much to see yet anyway. I've gotten so used to counting over blocks it sometimes throws me off a little. How sad is that?

So just for fun I thought I'd show you these. In the picture below you see my first ever needlepoint attempts. Both are from more years ago than I care to think about. These were made when I was in my scale miniatures phase. I do not recommend learning to needlepoint in 1 inch = 1 foot. I only still have them because they were learning pieces and not good enough to actually use (I'd probably use them now though) in a miniature setting.
The dime is for scale.
The little carpet was done on either 22 or 28 mesh, can't remember, and the shell was meant to be the seat for a chair. It was done on either 48 or 58 silk canvas with a beading needle and one strand of floss. Note the distortion from using half cross stitch. I will have to see if I can find one of the mini afghans I crocheted back then, they were adorable, also made with 1strand of embroidery floss.

Well, I'm looking at another hugely busy week and will get back with you all as soon as I have something fun to show.

Happy stitching everyone!


Emma/Itzy said...

Your BB Sal is coming along great - haven't touched mine for ages.

I love the blue and white sampler, it is very pretty :)

sharine said...

Your making great progress:)

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Emma, I like the BB SAL I chose but I have had some problems with getting inspired to work on it. I am pretty much determined to do at least one page though.

Sharine, thanks. You facebook ladies did help me to pick it up again.