Friday, January 10, 2014

Redwork! A Quick Update.

Here is an example of my first redwork project. Which is blackwork in red but whatever. It has been years since I attempted it, and this is a bit more than the beginners piece, which was all I've ever tried. It is ranked as intermediate if I remember correctly, or beginner to intermediate.

As you can see it has been the recipient of much puppy curiosity, from being tugged at and sniffed to being laid on. This baby will need a bath as soon as it is finished! It is going to be an awesome pincushion I think.

I'm finding the redwork quite addictive. The top and bottom triangles were fun to work with a minimum of fuss and errors, but that left side triangle, which was the second I worked, gave me no end of problems. I can't honestly say how many places I picked out a stitch or two because I'd placed them wrong, but it was a lot. Looking at the picture just now I can see an error in it I will have to go back and fix!

In other news, I've totally got QS Spider Queen unpicked! The frogging took hours and I'll be ready to re-start that piece 1 over 1 full crosses soon.  Also, working out a new (for me) rotation, but haven't begun it yet. I will update you on that as soon as I get the 'rules' I'll be going by figured out.

Until then Happy Stitching!


Julie said...

A beautiful start, blackwork/redwork always look so elegant.

Unknown said...

The redwork is very pretty indeed, I have the same problem with my furbabies as they have to investigate EVERYTHING!

Mama Dog said...

It is fun and looks so delicate Julie. Thea, the puppies and I are still working out the whole 'Mom is stitching so you can't sit in her lap' thing. and at 60 and 40 pounds, I'm hoping they'll stop trying to sit it in at all!

Anonymous said...

Your red(black)work looks great! I really like the stitches, they coordinate well.

I occasionally stitch while my rats are out playing. I don't let them touch the fabric but I do often get little tugs on the thread when my hand is underneath the fabric. :)