Friday, January 3, 2014

Ringing In The New

I decided to skip the usual year in review. It is enough to say that 2013 was a year of big changes, some good and some bad, and lots of the stress that goes with changes. It was also a year of scattered stitching and blogging.

I've decided to move right along with plans for 2014. First up, 2 new charts I was lucky enough to acquire for Heaven and Earth Designs.
First is In The Beginning by Lee Bogle:

I saw this chart being worked and each time she updated her wip pictures I fell more in love so I was thrilled at the opportunity to get this chart.

The second is Priya by Amy Stewart. I loved the art work for this steampunk lady and was thrilled when it was made into a chart:
Oh what a confetti heaven she will be!

Got some stitchy stuff for Christmas, though the magazine was part of birthday subscription.

More on those another time. I am trying out blackwork on the redwork chart in the magazine but I can't find the picture! I will show you more about the kit in another post soon.
Oh, my husband bought me a great stitching aid for Christmas! I was so touched, not only because he'd just gotten out of the hospital, or that we had agreed not to spend until we get all of the bills, but because of how much thought he put into the gift.
This little 'end table' as it was labeled has a back that props up for your tablet. I have used it for that but what he instantly thought of, and so did I when I first saw it, was that it would be perfect for propping my clip board that holds my chart page while I stitch. I love it and have used it every day! Perfect for my clippers, scissors chart and a cup of tea!

As you can 'maybe' see from the photo I am working on Fantasy Blue from Tilton Crafts. I haven't worked on it since August of 2013. I do love it but working 3-5 colors of blue per page gets boring.

I haven't decided if I'll have a rotation this year. The only decision I have made is that I won't start a chart I didn't own before Jan. 1st of this year! Other than that I've only a vague feeling that I want to work on some of my current projects.

I find this post is getting a bit long so I'll end it now and save the rest for another time.

Happy stitching for 2014 my friends.


sharine said...

Great new charts:)

Emma/Itzy said...

Two gorgeous charts and what a lovely gift from hubby :)

Miamina said...

I think that's a great gift from your husband!

They are 2 lovely charts that you've picked out. I love Fantasy Blue, but I can imagine all that blue does get a bit much!

Enjoy your stitching!

Mama Dog said...

I love them Sharine. The blue does get boring but it is a lovely chart and I mostly enjoy stitching it, but have to take breaks to something more colorful Miamina.
Emma, the table doesn't have front legs and slide fight up under the chair or couch from the front or sides! I should have taken a better picture.

Mama Dog said...

ugh, sorry, slides right up under. lol

Julie said...

Great gift, lucky you.

Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

Such pretty charts, love them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you got the box book. I've often wondered about that. Congrats on the new charts. Lovely, especially the Bogel.